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Hot DateA mirror hangs precariously on a single nail, right by where I am standing. I examine myself once again, taking in my ratty red hair, matted and tangled, that I usually pull back into a frenzied ponytail. My nose, crooked as always, juts out slightly, an annoying feature I absolutely hate. My slightly curvy body hides under some of the only clothes I own, a baggy t-shirt and loose jeans, letting no one know I even have a figure.

Even if I wear skin-tight clothing, I am so short that guys would have to stoop to see my shape.

My lips and complexion? Nothing special. “ Hey Ty,” he said smiling.

I smiled and nodded my head, and sat at the bottom bleachers below them. He sighed and got out of the changing room. He paid for all of the clothes. I grabbed his hand this time. A squat man with bristly red hair sauntered directly to the bar at the Marriot Hotel lounge.

“Gimme a boilermaker, Freddy.” The fellow, who spoke with a thick Scottish brogue, wore a tuxedo, five onyx studs decorating the front off his pleated shirt below a shiny black bowtie.

A strong chin complimented fair-skinned, boyish features.

The bartender went off to fix his drink.

“Chevis Regals.. not that rotgut you pass off on regular customers,” he called after him. “We weren’t reminding you. It’s not like ANYBODY can forget.” Xavier exclaimed “ We shouldn’t of ever made that bet, we are going to end up paying him almost two hundred bucks for getting in Ty’s pants,” He said angered.

I clenched my fist and teeth. So that’s the bet eh? I turned around, and ran into someone, and they put their hand over my mouth so I wouldn’t scream.

I looked into Art’s eyes. “Maybe he’s changed.

” She said “What?” I asked, my eyes and smile still wide “Good now pick your knife” he directs, I pick up the knife I know that you use to cut tomatoes and started cutting them -At Sea’s Home (Home as in not the boy filled mansion)- ‘What are you doing?’ Finn said staring at me. “ You didn’t have sex with him,” Art said looking down at me. Guilt settled in his chest because there was no explanation for his actions…

or whatever the hell was making it harder to breathe whenever he thought about Beth. As his body relaxed, he groaned, it was clear how this might have happened.

How he might have easily been captivated by someone as pure as Beth, especially when her Mother was that of all he’d hoped to find as an adolescent.

Hot Date