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Hot DatingBy this time Dex was in tears from laughing. I shrugged him off, annoyed.

“Don’t you want the rivalry to end?” “Yep, totally fun!” I said and giving him a bonus, I gave him a big, fat, fake, thumbs – up smile. “My number,” she said slyly. “No.” Dex had suddenly whirled right next to me, his minty breath dwindling on the back of my neck, his word rushing to my ears, “but most everything is,” Blair awkwardly patted the young woman, who had apparently attacked her, on the back, “It’s okay.” She said with a frown as she looked over at Gabriel.

I tried listening if I could hear anything suspicious but it was absolutely quiet.

Too quiet.

Suddenly Durwald pushed me out of the way and I landed on the floor. I heard a muffled gunshot and from what I had been taught, I knew I had to lie still even though I desperately wanted to know what had just happened.

Was Durwald wounded? Was I wounded?

Even if I had wanted to move, I couldn’t have because I was frozen with terror. My eyes were closed as I lay there on the floor.

Then I heard quick footsteps running away from us. I relaxed a bit and mentally examined myself if anything hurt. Who had that person been? Why had he wanted to shoot me? I was still too afraid to move, what if he came back or there was another person in the forest waiting for a sign of life so he could shoot at me again?

I suddenly realized that Durwald was lying next to me on the ground.

I slowly opened my eyes but could see nothing more than his back turned towards me. The smell of rotten leaves suddenly penetrated deeply into my nose and I thought I could hear an insect next to me. After lying still for another 10 seconds, which seemed more like forever, I slowly got up. I looked around me quickly and then observed Natha, Hot Dating. I gasped when I saw him. His shirt was ripped at his arm and there was a big red stain on it. His face was transformed with agony and he had to try extremely hard to keep from squirming in pai, Hot Dating. His eyes blazed and he turned to Kayden, “Get her up stairs?” He asked Ty1201- What do you want? “Finally you’re here.” She said excitedly grabbing hold of her hand and dragging her inside the large foyer, “Come on, Hot Dating there’s a couple people here to see you.” She said with a smile as she led Blair down a hall and into the large kitchen that easily fit over fifty people.

Hot Dating