Hottest Asian In The World

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Hottest Asian In The WorldThe sound of beeping monitors, shuffling shoes, and loud commands filled Taylor’s ears. The wheelchair she was in pushed her down the hallway of the city hospital. Its bright white walls and familiar blue uniform dressed faculty surrounded her. But all she could think about was the immense pain from her contractions. The baby was due. Leo ran alongside her and whispered comforting words, but all she could think about was the journey ahead of her. They arrived in a spacious room, where a doctor stood waiting.

After performing routine checkups, Taylor lay there on the bed, bracing herself as a contraction came and passed. Leo held onto her hand, cooing soft words in her ear. I sit down on the broken log again, and try to think about the next step that we should take from here. I walked through the car park, with no sign of my old friends, and into the office to get my schedule.

Behind the desk sat Mrs. Densil. Ahh, I see the summer hadn’t changed her. Still had the bottle-blonde hair with bad roots, and clothes that made her well-over-forty body look…well just plain tarty.

Last year I and she had major disagreements all the time. Back them she was a teaching assistant in one of my classes. I took every opportunity I could to annoy her. She deserved it after all, she was as bitch as some of the teenagers in this school.

And was just as flirty with the men too. I kissed Kayden harder before pulling, “I know!” ”well i know his a friend of yours, his hot, and he seemed like he was a good kisser.” After a moment, my father came home. “Are you bored with me already, Chosen One?” he teases, and I punch him in the arm. He knows I hate it when he calls me that. “Night.” I said “But he was like a second son to you,” I reminded Dad. “He played football and watched games with you. He made you happy.

” A tiny fruit sits at the bottom of all the mess, and I snatch it greedily. I try to justify taking it to myself, blinded by hunger. It’s not stealing, it’s just borrowing.

Without the giving back part. I looked at Vanessa. “Well your no where near the cul de sac’s…you need to walk straight back up here, turn left, carry on, go right, down the street, second left and over the road.” He said quickly.

It made absolutely no sense at all and I couldn’t even remember it two seconds later.

And even as we exit the castle, I get the small, eerie feeling that we are being watched.

Hottest Asian In The World