Hottest Chinese Woman Alive

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Hottest Chinese Woman AliveMatt quickly threw his hand at the door and closed it with a bang. I quickly looked back. He looked angry. I quickly went back and hit my back on the wooden door. He came closer and put his one hand on the door, near my head. “But why?” I whined “Let’s go sweetie” His mother’s gentle voice lifted him out of his angered thoughts. He looked up and met his mother’s gaze as she motioned towards the door. The girl was nowhere in sight.

He got up and followed her out towards the limo. Getting in, he grabbed his iPod out of his suit pocket and listened to his favorite songs. The music calmed him. Pulsating through his ears, it traveled into his body, making its way to every nerve with an ice cold touch, immediately calming him. He sighed and looked up to his parents. They gave him a small apologetic smile.

He turned away. Leo couldn’t give his parent’s the satisfaction of knowing what they were doing was right.

It was wrong, completely wrong.

They were only 18, both so young, but now they were being treated like adults.

It wasn’t fair. Leo loved his parents more than anything, and supported them all the way with whatever decisions they made, but this time they went too far. He wanted to go to college, to get a degree and have a career. Then he would get married, not the other way around. He closed his eyes and tried to focus just on the music.

He felt the seat next to him move, a soft vanilla sweet scent wafted into his nose. It hungered him, at the same time, calmed him. ‘Mate, Mate,’ said my inner wolf. ‘No’ I thought rigidly. Being alpha, I had strong control over other wolves, as well as my own, but it seemed that my mate had unleashed my wolf’s true potential as he wanted to claim her badly. He growled softly, shutting the wolf up temporarily, but he knew he was still going to pester him about Taylor.

Leo got ready for the long trip ahead. They were going to his home in Colorado.

The Colorado area was perfect for supernatural creatures like him to live peacefully without too much human interference.

The woods and mountains helped create a peaceful escape. All the other supernatural beings got along well, despite what people usually say. Vampires and werewolves weren’t at each other’s throats; witches weren’t evil, etc. etc. The drive to the airport was silent; he managed to look out the window the whole time without looking at the girl. Before he knew it, Hottest Chinese Woman Alive the girl was asleep; he could hear her soft snores.

Hottest Chinese Woman Alive