How To Date A Chinese Woman

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How To Date A Chinese WomanI stood looking at myself in the mirror. I turned around so I could see myself from all angles. My legs were too fat, my hair was too short, and I had man arms. Or at least that what I saw. I grabbed my robe and turned from the mirror, not wanting to look at my disgusting self any longer.

My mum and Dad always tell me that I’m beautiful, but as any women, of any age will know, you always pick the small things and blow them out of proportio, How To Date A Chinese Woman. I didn’t know how anyone could call me beautiful when I looked like this. Of course though my opinion of myself is completely dependent on what mood I’m i, How To Date A Chinese Woman. If I’m happy, I will think I look good, and vice versa. “This,” he pats the crown softly, “is safe with me.” I walked over to him and jerked the bowl out of his hands.

“I can’t believe you,” I said, taking it into the kitche, How To Date A Chinese Woman. I could hear the wheels of Dad’s chair squeaking across the carpet, rounding the corner after me as I dumped the remaining chocolate-swirl ice cream into the garbage disposal.

But I just kept walking. I woke to the sound of glass breaking, and all of the sudden a scream erupted from the apartment beside mine. I jumped from my bed and looked out my window; a flame was shooting out the window beside mine. I backed up from the window, wondering what to do. Just as I backed away, a flaming beer bottle sailed through the window, just eight feet from where I stood.

Before I could think, How To Date A Chinese Woman the bottle exploded and my apartment went up in flames, knocking me over. “ Tereschia this is Johnny,” Mike said pointing to Mr. No name. I looked at Johnny and nodded my head, and then they both got up and walked over to our little kitchen area. We started to cook, and I went over to the sink, and started to wash dishes, because I already burnt myself twice.

“ Good job Tereschia,” Mike laughed putting a spoon into the sink. I stuck my hand in the water, and had a hand full of bubbles, and I smashed my hand into Mike’s face. “ Your always getting hurt,” he laughed.

He stood next to me, and started to clean my cut. Taller than any demon she had ever seen he was at least 6’6″, he circled her as she circled him, slowly she looked up at him, his face seemed familiar. She couldn’t place it but she’d seen him before, “Who are you?” She growled at him and watched him stop moving and look at her with a slight grin on his face.

How To Date A Chinese Woman