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How To Date Vietnamese GirlOf course he had an ulterior motive. I was on my guard again “ What do we need to talk about?” I muttered rubbing the back of my neck. He looked at me like I was dumb. “Never,” I told him. “We’re never going to go back to being normal, Randy. Because you are the same person you were two months ago. I’m not. I’m not the same girl who let you make me feel guilty for not doing the things you wanted me to do. I’m done with that, and I’m done with you.” I pulled my arm free of his and, feeling a little evil, smiled up at him. “And I am so, so happy I never had sex with you.” “Oh my God! Are you ok? He didn’t hurt you bad did he?” My eyes welled up again and I let out a broken sob. Charlie looked at me in shock.

“Not much,” I said. “Where’s Randy?” Even if I met Eve again, I couldn’t have a perfect fairy tale ending. shit what the hell were they doing upstairs, she is mine damm it sky!!i was getting mad. and lucas notice .

”shit”he said in a low voice.”men you already fell for her.”he said whispering to me. “Yes. Thank you.” I said as he held out a seat for me. “Hmmm,” She hummed as she tapped a fingernail to her lips, “Must’ve been about a week ago. Right?

” She asked Micheal with a smile.

“ Mr. Marx? Do you believe girls are only good for giving head, and sexual pleasures?

” I asked raising an eyebrow. I saw his eyes widened and I nodded my head. “ That’s why I kicked his ass,” I smirked.

Mr. Marx waved me off, and I started to run down the halls, and I turned the corner, and stood against the wall, and looked down at my fists. One of them was bleeding. Damn I must of hit him real fucking hard. I groaned, and started to shake my hands, and I walked into the bathroom, and turned on the water, and slowly put my hands underneath the water, and groaned because it stung.

I turned the water off, and looked at my knuckles.

Im gonna have some bruising, and redness, and it’s going to hurt for a while. I walked out of the bathroom, and made my way to my last class. Gym. I walked into the girls changing rooms, and a teacher was their handing out the uniforms.

She handed me mine, and I walked over to a locker, and examined them and my jaw dropped. I am not! I repeat not wearing this! They were black short shorts, and a black sports bra, with a white over shirt that was see threw! I looked at the little skanky outfit, and groaned.

How To Date Vietnamese Girl