How To Get An Asian Girlfriend

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How To Get An Asian Girlfriend

I was literally frozen on the spot. Did I just hear her right, or am I deaf? Oh my god! Mason held me up while I dropped to the floor. He say me down inside his car then when I was finally okay he began to talk “Okay so anyways the reason why Liam’s not here is really unexplainable. I think it would be best if you saw instead then heard. ” I just stared at him and said uhm okay. “Will you be my date for tonight only?” He asked and I hesitated before saying “Yes.” “Thank you, ma’am,” I quickly took the packet from her outstretched hand. Still showing no emotions, she waved me away, barking, “Next!” He grab on a hold of my left hand, Dylan had a bright smile on his face. “Great, let’s go the, How To Get An Asian Girlfriend.” Dylan walked to to his car and opened the door for me. “Wait,” He paused for a minute and pulled out a soft leathery box from his pockets.

His hands opened it, showing off a diamond heart-shaped necklace. “here wear this. I’ll help you put it o, How To Get An Asian Girlfriend.” holding out his pinky Ali’s lips captured mine, and stayed there for the remainder of the song, and we continued kissing through the next two songs that followed, swaying gently to the rhythm of the music.

“ I tripped,” I grumbled.

I put my hands out in front of me, and started to maneuver my way out of the front room trying to get to my room. “ Im going to sleep since the lights are out,” I said walking up the stairs trying not to kill myself.

‘Oh, sorry. It’s break now so I thought I would just, you know. Have a rest or something.’ I said, feeling a bit uncomfortable.

“Screw this. Screw you.” I mutter under my breath, trying to banish these terrible thoughts from my head. However, at his snarky words, I cannot forget the recollection of his lips as they had danced across my body. “Don’t worry about it,” I told her, shaking the hot bag of popped kernels into the orange bowl we’d been using. “Having stories isn’t what really matters.” I laughed, a little shakily, noting that Lou’s eyes still seemed to be dizzy and unfocused.

“I bet you wish you were younger, right?” *** “Is that all you can do? Shake your head?” He asked even more frustrated

How To Get An Asian Girlfriend