I Want An Asian Woman

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I Want An Asian Woman

Peter looked at me, his eyes grave, I Want An Asian Woman then quickly returned his gaze to the road. “Do you know why Jared was sulking today? Did Sadie turn him down or something?

” he queried, his rough voice caressing my listening ears. He seemed thoughtful, thinking carefully as he drove about Jared’s previous strange behavior. “What?” I asked “Daddy…” I began, feeling guilty I had neglected his grave for so many years, I told him my life story picking up where he had left off, “Well…as you know, I’m in 12th grade, my last year of college.

Yah, I Want An Asian Woman the past few months have been pretty eventful,” I gave a pathetic giggle. ‘Eventful’ didn’t cover it, “Well, you see…I’m getting married.

” I heard Cole gasp from behind me, but didn’t turn around. “Yah…I guess mom wants me out of the house already,” another giggle, “But dad…sorry I haven’t been by much. I guess…

I hate being reminded that you’re really gone. I still think sometimes that you’re only on a business trip…pathetic right?

” I took another breath, closing my eyes, “Daddy, I just want you to know…” I bit my lip. Could I say it? “I…loveyou…I mean, I love you. Mom and I, we both do.” Tears were coming back, “Why did you leave us? You should have taken me with you!” This time I broke down sobbing, really weeping. I felt Cole rest a hand on my shoulder, a friendly gesture.

I heard him clearing his throat.

I rolled over so she was under me. Her eyes widened as she looked at me in shock. Gabriel froze, cupping her chin in his hand he lifted her face so he could look into her eyes. There were tears making their way down her cheeks, “I love you too.” He said just as softly and lowered his lips to her. Who was I to think that Dex was mine and mine alone?

The concert passed by blissfully. I soon found myself pulled to my feet by Delilah and Sadie, joining the thousands of others that were doing the same. We jumped to the music, laughing and smiling. This was wonderful.

I had never felt so happy in the five years I had tried to get rid of Dex. “Did he kiss you here?” We both know what he is talking about this time. “Cat, what is going on?” Trevor asked. “Blair, you have your own powers. Powers that your mother, my daughter, was never able to help train you in because she didn’t have the abilities.

That’s why Roxanne and a couple of your cousins are here. They’re going to help you.” Blake said with an encouraging smile.

I Want An Asian Woman