I Want To Date An Asian Guy

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I Want To Date An Asian GuyThis will be a 2 hour drive luckily I brought my ipod! I don’t want to talk to him duh! But the weird things was, he himself don’t bother to talk to me. Inside the car was really awkward I mean it’s very quiet! There’s no music.

I think Nick felt it too because he began a conversatio, I Want To Date An Asian Guy. “Nikki, how are you?” “Good” I replied.

“Uhm!” I cut him off “I wanted to sleep”.

The salty air tickles my nose, and I look up at Xavier’s face. “We’re close…can you feel it?”I ask, and he nods in response.

“What?” We all enter and stare at the many items placed throughout the room. There are also several doors lining the walls, each hopefully leading to a different room. Although before the whispers were bearable, it is at this point that the voices are almost to the screams that Jake spoke of. It pounds at my head, I Want To Date An Asian Guy the impeding headache overwhelming my thoughts. For some reason, I feel compelled to keep walking to the North end of the room, and then farther East. Xavier’s hand slips from mine, which immediately throws me off of my concentratio, I Want To Date An Asian Guy. Everything goes darker as activity dies, I Want To Date An Asian Guy the ghetto area inching closer to us by the second.

People smoking and drinking appear more often, many hanging out with lots of friends that are doing the same. The prosperous city facade rips away as we reach the outskirts, I Want To Date An Asian Guy the true colors shining through. I turned around and slowly walked towards him, “Why’d you leave me in there with a psycho?” I asked calmly “Come’on kiddo, time for bed.” I whispered while carrying my little brother to bed. “Did you have fun?” I question Carter and tuck him inside the covers.

His eyes were only half opened, was he tried. I broke out into a smile, I only knew one person besides my family who knew my middle name. “Lily-bear!” I squealed. “I hear he wants you back.” Electric blue eyes stared at me from the darkness of the forest.

Damia, I Want To Date An Asian Guy. He crept into the clearing and walked over to me, sitting on his haunches on the other side of the cat. ‘Impressive.

’ He said approvingly, looking at the size of the animal that I took dow, I Want To Date An Asian Guy. I nodded and pushed myself up on my haunches. Damian’s eyes went down to the wounds on my chest; they would be healed by tomorrow.

He growled and anger built up in his eyes. ‘You need to be more careful, though.’ He said through the bond in a hard voice. “Did someone follow you?” Blair asked him becoming a bit nervous as he continued to look around.


I Want To Date An Asian Guy