Ideal Asian Woman

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Ideal Asian Woman

I gasped, “An hour? Than, I quit!” We both laughed. “I have to go now.” I said. I had to admit, I desperately wanted to see him agai, Ideal Asian Woman. I didn’t want to sound too desperate though, and therefore did not ask if we could meet a second time. “Ms. Harington!” she slammed her fist on the counter in front of me. “You guys are dating?

” Noah asked “Ahh, Ideal Asian Woman there’s the thing, I am yours. Starting now.” I said leaning down and capturing her lips in mine “ besides you and the guys?” I asked touching my chi, Ideal Asian Woman. “I…” She started to say something, Ideal Asian Woman then abruptly came to a halt. He thought about it for a second, Ideal Asian Woman then nodded.

“Okay. That’ll work. I’ll give you a ride home afterward. Sound good?” “Starting tomorrow, we will be shopping all day.” Mrs. Cohe, Ideal Asian Woman. “Hey! Nikki?

” shouted by Mom. “She’s day dreaming mommy. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” teased by Ni, Ideal Asian Woman. “NO I’m not! I’m just wondering why Nick hasn’t mailed me yet” I told them. “Big sister, don’t you worry about that may be he’s just busy of their business” said Ni, Ideal Asian Woman. After a little more gaping, Anna left the room. I walked to the mirror, fingering my makeup utensils in my thin hands.

It was time for a makeover…

on me. Not a big one, for too much makeup made my face look caky, but a little one was needed. Maybe I would meet someone… someone who would ease my troubles.

She looked at me, “That’s mine.” Stupid Jason!

I wanted to shout at him. “I lied,” he said softly. “I was impatient to see your look of amazement.” He turned, and so did I, and we met each other’s gaze. “I would never hook up with that slut agai, Ideal Asian Woman.

Your the only one for me I swear.

She came up to me and forced herself onto me. I tried to push her away but she was just to clingy. Also I left because I was upset.

You didn’t tell me you and Liam still talked. I came back, but you weren’t there.

” Mason said nearly out of breathe.

“FUCK YOU AND YOUR SLUT. 5 MINUTES IS UP SO BYEE.” I yelled then used all the strength I had in me and pulled away. I continued walking to my 1st period class. She grinned.

‘He’s different.

I mean, he understands people and he loves this school. He’ll do anything for it. Hes a wierd guy but don’t tell him I said that.’ Am I In . . . Love? “Uhhmmm,” I said, “It’s really good!” Lorelei Sutton Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. “Don’t you just hate ballroom dancing class?

” I blurted out. I covered my mouth and blushed.

Ideal Asian Woman