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Images Asian WomanMy eyes widened in horror. “I know.” Coach said cockily “So well I have to go, lock faces with Hank love ya” “SEAAA!

” A preppy and high voice was calling my name from downstairs. I ignored it and continued listing to music on Pandora.

My other half of my mind was on my laptop. Basically, using my laptop to search hot models or actors. Or even watch this two hilarious twins on Youtube, a user called “JackGaps.

” This is how I usually spend my awesome and suppose to be 17 year old life. Just at home, listening to music, and living in a mansion full of guys. “Yup” I freeze completely, not moving a single muscle. The small, nearly inaudible noise resounds once more around the room, and I am sure that there is an intruder.

My nose detects a slightly flowery aroma, one full of old and graying age. Alert surges through my blood, suspicion in my thoughts. “Oh, God. Randy, what happened?

” I asked, grabbing his arm and pulling him into the bathroom.

He sat on the edge of the sink while I opened the medicine cabinet and located my extensively stocked first-aid kit. Blair sighed and nuzzled his neck, “Why?” she asked as she closed her eyes and rested her head on his shoulder “But it could be dangerous, what if you get sick again?” “You’re happier.” she stated plainly, not moving a muscle.

“Over there,” I pointed. Sadie stared, stunned, at the incredible mass of cars across the street. A policeman was directing the traffic, because there were so many cars and so many people.

Tears start to well up in my eyes. Out of the corner of my eye, Xavier’s hand reaches towards my shoulder. Ladies Gentlemen, now We’re approaching New York where the local time is 09:00. At this stage you should be in your seat with your seatbelt firmly, fastened. Personal television screens, footrests and seat tables must be stowed away and all hand luggage stored either in the overhead lockers or under the seat in front.

Please ensure all electronic devices including laptop computers and computer games are turned off. He smiled and enveloped me into an affectionate hug. “And you make a very pretty girly girl.” He said. I suppose I am so detestable that she cannot allow me even a single kiss. Mona can really bring down a guy’s ego.

Images Asian Woman