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Internet DatingWhen I opened my eyes I saw Chris straddling Mike and pounding him. Fist after fist hitting his face and his chest. Over and over. Mike had no chance, Chris was a few inches taller and built bigger as well. Blood was pouring out of Mike’s spilt lip and gashed eyebrow. His face was twisted with so much pain and his skin was already starting to bruise.

I started to cry. “I know.” “Yes … I will whether you like it or not.” I nodded, “Yeah. Just hurts a little.” “But…” Blair began and faded away when Meredith glared at her. “I’m not surprised,” he said. “Seems like I should have hired you as a tutor, huh?” I looked up and found Cash grinning down at me. So much for ignoring him. Quickly, I shifted back into a standing position, hugging the retrieved book to my chest.

Under the covers was this super hot guy with jet black hair and bright green eyes. We entered the living room, Lou lifting her eyes to mine. She was reclining on the sofa, watching TV as usual. Her mouth was bent in a frown, her majestic hair splayed over the pillows. She was wearing a mildly skimpy nightgown, Internet Dating the dress reaching to her mid-thigh, Internet Dating the front reaching down into a V-neckline.

As she took us in, her frown deepened, My cheeks burned and I did the only thing I could think of, pinch him on the neck. The violent air slapping at us both stops as Xavier comes to a gentle halt. Everything around me becomes clearer, focus regaining. “What is this place?!

” I say with absolute awe, practically jumping out of his arms. It is amazing, a feat of nature standing before me. Ellen was the last to walk in, and I admit, I was shocked she’d decided to come. I’d added her to the e-mail list more on a hopeful whim than with actual faith that she’d show. We hadn’t spoken in a year, yet here she was, taking the seat beside me and giving me a smile like nothing had changed.

But Ellen had always been a better, more forgiving person than I was. “You hungry?” Taylor asked Leo. He nodded. Grabbing two plates from the cabinet, she placed one in front of Leo and the other across from him. He was watching her as she served them. Sitting down in her seat, she began to eat. He still watched her, amusement on his face. Shifting slightly, Taylor tried to avoid his gaze, but gave up her efforts.

‘Whatever, he can just stare at me all he wants. I’m used to those stares. Not like I haven’t got them before.

Internet Dating