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Japanese BridesHe reaches out and grabs my arm, his grip like iro, Japanese Brides. It is then that I hear the crackling of branches and the pounding of feet. I start to squirm in Ray’s hold, fear taking hold of my heart. “GET OFF OF ME!!!” I screamed, wrestling him back to break free. But he was so much stronger than me. “I don’t know. Mall? I’m in need of a new toy.” Xavier said “Hey Tay!” A voice called from behind her. She had just finished grabbing her things from her locker.

The school day went by quickly and she was hoping to try out for soccer after class. Looking up, she spotted the mischievous, warm eyes of her older brother. Matt was looking as gorgeous since the first day she met him. Taylor couldn’t help but chuckle at the wide eyes of the majority of teenage girl population ogling at Matt as he walked towards Taylor.

Matt, on the other hand, seemed completely oblivious to their stares.

I’d lost it. My sanity, my ability to think, my control. I’d let Cash get the better of me, and I’d lost my cool physically and verbally. I was ashamed and embarrassed, and before I even got out of the trailer, I was regretting every word I’d said. She quickly looks up and shoved the papers that she was filling out in her little brown bag that she carries everywhere.

This went on for a while, Cash keeping it slow and sweet, and I stayed in control.

I knew what I was doing.

I knew the plan, and then— “NO!” I yell, trying to yank away from his death grip. Unsuccessful, I beat my hands against his muscled chest, trying to ignore the feel of his masculine arms around my waist.


HOW DO YOU KNOW MY NAME AND WHERE I LIVE?! WHY ARE YOU FOLLOWING ME TO SCHOOL?!” I fire at him furiously, trying to keep my tomato-red cheeks under control.

“I’m not Trevor, nor am I Carter or Laurence. I won’t Hurt you.” he insisted, staring into my eyes. Before I exited the car I pulled Mason to me and kissed him. He kissed me back the I opened the door and got out and closed it. I was leaning on the door and said “Love you, be at my house by 8pm tomorrow” He nodded and said “Love you too, and oh I can’t want to see my sexy babe.” I blushed and walked to the door. When I was on the porch O waved goodbye to him as he drove off. I opened the door and walked i, Japanese Brides. I kept on thinking and thinking about Jaso, Japanese Brides.

When suddenly, I realize that he could be listening to my thinking if he is awake.

My heart pounded. ” . . . Yeah?” I questioned.

Japanese Brides