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Japanese WomenIt wasn’t a date after all. Do you want to scare her off? I growled. Silence. Didn’t think so… ‘Stop it!’ She said. Her face was crazy. He must be teh bad boy that every teacher hates.

Specially Miss Rai, Japanese Women. ‘Just see me after lesson for your detentio, Japanese Women.’ “Come on,” she’d said, pulling me from my bedroom that night.

“You’ll never get over Randy if you don’t put yourself out there. A few meaningless hookups are exactly what you need right now.” He chuckled and grabbed a towel next to him. He wiped my poster off. I walked up to it. Because the way he is now, depressed and sad, I glided down the steps and out the door, Sadie trailing behind me. We entered Delilah’s car, a pretty BMW that was shining, without a single flaw. “Wow,” Delilah commented, “You look great, Eve!” Francisco’s POV “No you aren’t,” Ian says softly.

He sneaks a look at the rock-like teacher at the computer.

“Stupid teacher,” he mutters as he leads me into the hallway.

Once we are alone, I subconsciously put my head on his shoulder, sobbing. “ Hey Ty,” Art said. “You’re going to be a grandma.” Blair said to Nike on a watery laugh as tears gathered in her eyes. We headed to the office and knocked.

The door slowly and creakily opened, taking its sweet time to reveal what was behind it. A figure came into view, a man with tan skin almost as dark as peanut butter, big chestnut eyes, and luscious apple red lips a supermodel would be lucky to have. He also had gorgeous brown hair with hints of natural blond highlights, perfectly swished to one side, a set of straight, snow white teeth, and a swagger that screamed importance, all combining to make one beautiful guy. He sat up on his elbows, his face all bloody. “So, where shall I put my bags?” I asked her, picking up the last of my bags. He pushed his hair back. “I don’t know what it is but it feels so weird.” He said. ” I don’t know how i’m exactly feeling but i know that its because of you.” Drew’s eyes had a sad tone to them and a glint of guiltiness.

“Look Sea,” he began in a such soft tone, “I can’t tell you…I don’t want to get you in danger.” Drew stop talking for a moment to face back to his facts.

“Just stay away from Luke, okay?” He smiles at my confusion, and then opens the knapsack agai, Japanese Women. Carefully he draws out a bottle of pills.

“It’s… for… the… berries.

” ☞ Should I make a character die? Will got up and helped me get up “Sorry, lost track of time” explained Will

Japanese Women