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Jewish Singles

We all went to put on our shoes. Dallas and Aaron went to Pierce’s. Peirce is the guy everybody goes to for beer. I personally don’t know him but he’s a very popular player. “Yeah, none of us was expecting it,” Randy agreed. “So weird.

They sucked last year.” In the front of the coffee shop was an old and cracked mahogany door. Surrounding it was plain brick, stained with graffiti and other markings. Two random, cheap chairs lounged about, and a small red carpet sat at the doorstep. This was a disguise to repel normal customers, people who didn’t know. He was against me again, pressing me against the wall by the door. His lips were at my ear as he whispered in his Alpha voice, “I want you to keep wearing clothes like-“ he gripped the skirt of my dress in his hands.

“-This. I want people to see what they can’t have” “ Missed messing with you,” he laughed.

a growl came from the back of my throat, and then Joe stood in front of me, and I gave him a hard look, and he brought his nose to mine and did this weird rubby thing.

What the hell! “Good.” “That’s not true,” I whispered into the cold air, hoping that my words wouldn’t reach his ears. That he wouldn’t discover this dreadful insecurity half forced upon me by Akemi and Ayako, half inflicted on me by myself.

“Sky? Hi sweetheart, it’s me! Your mother.

” I dropped the wooden spoon that I had just pulled from the droor. He was now on top of me. “Where do you think your going so soon? Its my tur, Jewish Singles.” He said then pulled my t-shirt off of me and threw it to the ground.

I looked at him in the eyes and wrapped my arms back around is neck “Haha now let me go.” I said but he just smiled and started to move his hand all the way up to my bra. When he got to it he pulled it off and threw it to the ground. The next way he was going was to my undies. He also pulled them off and threw them to the ground.

“He’s been flirting with her lately… and she definitely likes him.”

Jewish Singles