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I have 7 busies already.” I said, opening my eye. “Let’s go.” He said after he pulled away “ you’re so weird!” Art laughed.

I gave them the middle finger, and made my way towards the school. I pushed the door open, and I heard it hit something.

I looked around the door, and saw someone sitting on the ground holding their face. They looked up, and it was Evia, Latest Dating Site. “Me and Declan broke up.” I told her and burst out crying.

I told her everything, how he had gotten paranoid, how I was with Cole and the boys when Amber rang me, and the conversation I had with him early this morning. She didn’t say a word; she just stood up and wrapped her arms around me. “AW, DAMN YOU, TORI! YOU GET BACK HERE RIGHT NOW, OR YOU’LL REGRET IT!” I smiled to myself. Then I hollered over my shoulder, “If you can catch me!” I heard him get up, and I pumped my legs harder, willing them to go faster.

I ran into Carla’s maid room. She was on her laptop, listening to music. She jumped at the sight of me. I slammed the door shut and locked it. His lips pressed tenderly at her frantic pulse, Latest Dating Site the warmth of his tongue following and she bit her lip to keep from begging him to kiss – bite her. Instead, she took a small step closer, holding her breath as his lips met her ear, breath warm as he breathed a low hiss there, Latest Dating Site the sharp point of a fang grazing just below her ear. She couldn’t help the soft whimper that fell passed her lips. “This is such a farce,” I muttered to Mary. I felt like I was in the middle of a scene from a teen comedy.

I was half expecting an epic action montage of boys trying to get our attention, set to Blondie’s “One Way or Another,” to follow this ridiculous moment in my life. He nodded and got up. I closed the door so he wouldn’t see anything. I heard the door close. I opened the bathroom door and looked around my room. I didn’t see him so I stepped into the room. I rolled my eyes and edged past her into the house.

The place already smelled like beer and pot, and the walls were practically shuddering against the pounding bass of the stereo. I wrapped my arms around myself and moved toward the perimeter of the room, staying close to the wall. I wanted to fall through the floor.

This kind of chaos wasn’t what I needed right the, Latest Dating Site. Or ever. What’s her problem?

Latest Dating Site