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When the bell rang I jumped up and grabbed my backpack. “You’re a real Jackass, you know that, Damian?

” I asked. “I love that sound,” he said, nuzzled her neck so that she felt a soft scratch.

His fangs, she thought before rubbing herself against his thighs and thrusting her breasts up to his chest. “Make it for me again, Elizabeth.” “Never.

” He said. I begin to grow delirious with need as he climbs onto the bed next to me, fingering the frayed edges of the gown at the top of my shoulders. His mischievous fingers dance onto my shoulder, sending sparks of heat through my body. He touches my fading bruise, anger and an unfathomable emotion in his gaze. “Did he touch you here?” He asks, sounding even more strangled than before.

It takes me a second to register what he asked. “Why do you always do this?” I asked exasperated “Wes?” I ask curiously.

Apparently we weren’t all sitting together. We were just watching the movie together. Each couple sat in different parts of the movie theater.

Me and Liam got the back, Zayn and Katy were in the front, Justin and his girlfriend Celine were at the side, Tyler and Veronica were at the other side, and my brother Damon and his girlfriend Elena were in the middle. “Shut up.” He mumbled embarrassed When he finally stops, I pause too over a particularly thick book labeled Werewolves, Spiers, and Shifters: Complete Editio, Lds Singles.

On the front is a picture of a menacing werewolf poised over devouring a human and a human battling a truly horrible looking Shifter with a strange looking spear. I slip it from the rest, hiding it behind me. “ You can sit up here next to Troy and Joe,” he said motioning to them. I looked over and saw my brothers friends. I shook my head. Then Zoey looked up and cursed under her breath “You could have told me that we have a guest, god” she said going red “ With who?” “Why the hell are you making this so difficult?

” “No,” she stated firmly, “he’s just a dream, nothing real.” So why couldn’t she stop thinking about him? Turning off the shower, she reached for a towel and quickly got dressed. Stepping out of the bathroom, she grabbed her things and quickly scurried off towards the stairs.

On the first step, she heard murmuring in the living room underneath her. ‘Strange,’ thought Taylor, ‘who would be here this early in the morning?’ Alvin’s eyes narrow, “You better watch your mouth here! I’m in charge of you, and you have to obey to me.” This is the man I know.

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