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Legitimate Asian Dating SitesDan chuckled. “Not always. His washer and dryer is broke, Legitimate Asian Dating Sites.” He said. “Nikki, breakfast is ready” I heard a shout from my mom. Darn! I just slept 4 hours.

I hope today will be different, which means I’ll lock myself in the house so that I’ll never see him again… HAHAHAHA! I hopped out on my bed and head straight to the bathroom.

I brush my teeth and wash my face; I feel like I’m not feeling well today so I didn’t shower.

I ran downstairs just to see my dad, mom and SHIT! “NICK!” I shouted. They turn around with frown faces.

“Why shouting late riser?” he asked.

“Why the hell are you here?” I asked.

“Nikki, Nick will be staying with you for a month” mom said. “What the heck? Why?” I asked them confusingly.

“My dad and your dad will be the one to handle the things that you need to handle in Hawaii” explained Nick. “So you mean you’ll go to Hawaii tomorrow instead of me?” I asked. “Yes honey” dad answered.

“So what’s the point of Nick staying here?” I asked.

“Well, I will be going with your mom and Nin” dad respond.

“So you’re leaving me here all alone?” I asked.

“That’s why Nick is here, he will help you and besides Nick’s parents are coming with us too” explained mom. “Whatever! I’m big now mom and I can do things on my own” I shouted.


” dad yelled.

“Look dad! I don’t want to ruin the trip of Nick and his girlfriend okay? So why don’t you give them more privacy?

” I said sarcastically. “Honey, Myka left this morning” mom said. “She went back to New York for some reasons” explained Nick. “Then why are you here? Go follow her then! I don’t need a baby sitter” I shouted.

“Nikki, whether you like it or not Nick will be staying with you and that’s final!” dad yelled. “Whatever!

” I yelled back. I rolled my eyes and make my way to the front door. THIS MONTH SUCKS! I went to the nearest Cafeteria just a minute walk from our house to order some hot chocolate. It’s freezing damn cold. Completely under his spell, I murmur, “yes.” It is as if I am helpless to my own selfish cravings, a slave to the passion I wasn’t even supposed to have in the first place.

I shook her hand and said “Nice to meet you” “Lissa,” Cash said slowly, drawing out the A at the end of my name. “Correct me if I’m wrong, but… Did you just mark a typo in your book?” “A 1, a 2, a 1, 2, ready 3.” he said.

Legitimate Asian Dating Sites