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Lesbian Dating WebsitesI knew i had to do this though. It all made sense, after all. Matt didn’t like that I was with Finn all the time. I mean I would have done the same if my friend was hanging around with this random girl. Matt is an ok guy. The last thing i want to do is make him mad. Not because i’m scared he’ll hurt me but because I know how it feels to have something taken away from me. It sucks. Finally the car came to a stop, and Mason got out and came around to my side. He opened the door for me and I got out. He closed it then held out his arm. I held onto it while he lead me into the fancy looking restaurant. Inside was painted a light pink color.

It had pictures all over the wall of many different things. The floor was made out of perfect white tiles, and the tables were arranged into different positions to give off a very romantic yet peaceful look. I sat down on a table with Jason and started eating.

Kayden grunted, standing up, “I’m going to wash my hands. Dallas, Bianca, you make me sick.” My face scrunched up, “No I’m not!” “I just want to talk to Vanessa about something. May I speak to her alone?

” he asked. But Layla didn’t reply.

I looked at him. “Can you read my thoughts?” I asked curiously. “ You two I have a feeling you’re gonna be trouble,” The teacher laughed.

Ryan grinned, and I was just thinking about ripping Ryan’s throat out. “ Well my name is Mr. Marx, and Ryan you will sit next to Chad up front, and Ty, you will in the back next to Alec,” Mr. Marx smiled. I nodded my head, and started to walk to the back of the class, and I sat down not even looking at the guy I was sitting next to. Mr. Marx resumed teaching his lesson, and in the middle of it, Alec.. the guy I was sitting next to cleared his throat.

I looked over at him, and I sucked in a breath, and choked on air. Mr. Marx looked over at me. “ Ty are you okay?” he asked.

I leaned back in my seat, and gave him a thumbs up, and he gave me a unsure look and continued to teach class.

I looked back at the guy. He is the guy in the hallway that said he was a teacher! Teacher my ass! As the kisses grew deeper, my own hands began to wander.

I explored his biceps and abs, marveling at the toned, athletic muscles of his upper body. He pulled me close. “Guess,” he said in a deep, sensual voice.

Today was a fairytale I asked. “Hey!” Ali frowned. “I don’t belong to anyone!

” “Come on, let’s get some breakfast in you” He said picking me up like a toddler and sitting me on his kitchen counter.

Lesbian Dating Websites