Little Asian Girl

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Little Asian GirlI grabbed the blue lead I had gotten him and clipped it onto his matching collar, placing him back onto the floor. He wagged his tail and bounded around my feet. My dad took his tie off, and placed some things from his pockets onto the table.

I walked out my house with my Dad following, and waited while he locked the front door. We lived in a nice area, with hardly any crime but you still couldn’t be too careful. ‘No, I mean get ticket today, and I will get there tomorrow. ‘ I said. She bit her lip. Okay, I guess it was really freaky that I wanted to go so early.

But I just did. “I need a dictionary.” I complained to Lila, “I don’t understand half of these words and the other half I can’t read because they are either too vague or smudged.” I walked at a leisurely pace through the parking lot, it was almost empty because school ended, so the only cars here were the football team’s, Damian’s motorcycle, my car, and Hailey’s car. I hummed to myself softly and danced to the tune in my head, skipping to the car. Just as I was pulling my keys, I was pushed to the ground.

I looked up to find the man that was in the mirror.

“Please, forgive me, my dear mother.

” He snapped his fingers, and the last thing I remember before I blacked out was a slight tingling feeling in my head. She smiled too. I stare at Griffin in disbelief.

“What?” “When you woke up this morning did you think you would be in bed with your mate that night?

” He asked her with a grin on his face as she cuddled to his side. I gave a sigh. “As long as she’s alright, and Oak Street’s not far from where I’m staying. So if…you know, something like last year’s disaster happens again, I’ll be able to get to her relatively quickly.” “I’m easier to control,” Griffin says softly, looking at his feet. “I’m a shameful crossbreed who happens to be born in a position of power.

They can rip away my status and give it back to me on a silver platter. I can’t be much more of a puppet than I am now. Even my father thinks of me only as a tool to be used.” “Get out Kayde, Little Asian Girl.” I said frowning in confusion “ Oh, shut up!” He grumbled.

I let out a huff crossing my arms over my chest, and he had my sit down on the counter, and then just walked out. I threw my hands up in the air.

Little Asian Girl