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A single droplet lands on my forehead, dripping down my face and knocking me out of my stupor. Everyone glanced each other with a confused look. “I thought we were discussing about our vacation place.

” In fact, killing it might not even be an option, for he fears that if he does, he will lose his sanity. Dazed at the whole series of events, she stumbled down the spiral staircase, contemplating the whole way down if all males were so…puzzling.

Vince hadn’t been that way. In fact, he was as predictable as they came. Safe, and completely Beth’s type. I wondered if he was right.

If Mom would be proud of me. What would she think of the sex strike? What would she say about what I was planning on doing to Cash tomorrow? That was one of my biggest regrets about my mother.

We’d never had the chance to talk about boys or sex or anything like that. Sometimes I wondered if that was why this whole thing was so confusing, because I didn’t have a mother to discuss these issues with. “Well, since the date went well, I have to reward you with something.

” Mrs. Cohen said. I knew from these days on, my life will never be consider as normal. I turned around, and my breath caught in my chest when I realized just how close he was standing to me. My back was pressed into the shelves, but our chests were almost touching.

I had to tilt my head to look up at Cash, he was so close, and I was surprised when he didn’t back away from me. Instead, he held his ground and grinned down at me. “I’m gonna crush you.” he warned and I quickly ra, Local Personals. Before I can go any further, Jason pinned my stomach onto the bench and sat on me. I check my stomach…

yup, still grumbling. “Yes, a whole lemon pie,” I confirm. “Shhh…mom, you’ll need the strength later.

What happened out there?” I squeaked.

“You are not my servant…

” I look at her plainly, “I do not have servants.

” I do not think I can bear having a servant, when I was practically a servant myself to Ms. Penn not too long ago. Also, I hate it when I leave my shirt on my chair to wear the next day only to find that it is missing when morning comes. He stuck out his tongue and turned toward me “Hey Sara” It was worse that she couldn’t even stand still around him and he didn’t so much as ever glance her way. Again, she just didn’t get on with males like him. The leader made it so much worse; because he had to look…well, exactly how he did. Totally out of her league. “Haha, I didn’t do anything Alexis.

” He said through the door

Local Personals