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Local Single WomenCHAPTER THREE “ Listen, Liz, I don’t know what goes on in that pretty little head of yours, but you’re not going to tell me who I am going to talk to and who I am not going to talk to. That’s so immature,” I said rolling my eyes. “What the hell are you wearing?” he asked incredulously as I approached.

“When Dex arrived, and when I saw you and him together, I knew. He was your love, and he was fixing your broken heart when I couldn’t. I wanted you to be happy, so I left you both alone.

But that didn’t stop the insane jealousy that still seared through me. I still, though trying to be selfless, wanted him to disappear.

So it would be just you and me, just like in seventh grade.

He spoiled my hope of you ever coming to choose me over the guy you liked. How could I ever compete with a guy like him? I know you aren’t superficial, Eve, and I know you don’t fall for looks alone, but he was…is everything you could want. He was…is the ideal match for you, Local Single Women the perfect guy for the perfect girl. “You have any better suggestions?” He asks in response, and then shows all of us a thin, sharp nail. “I found this stuck in the wall yesterday.

” “ ugh,” I started and looked at Alan, and he was shooting daggers at me. I took a step back and shook my head. “ No thanks,” I mumbled turning away, and walked away, and made my way down the field, and sat down on the bleachers, and laid down on them and sighed.

Nope. Not one friend yet… well would Eric or Gino count? I don’t know anymore.

Funny how I ended up willingly allowing the secret to be told just so that I could see Eve. Im 6’2 tall, with build up body, full lips and a handsome face with silver and slight of green eyes. How could she act normal. I mean just look at her her hair is all tangle and again baggy clothes, NO SEX APPEAL! “But-but-but!” Dylan tried to reason with Xerxes, but the death eyes Xerxes’s made him shut up. “Fine…but I swear if she’s a-” After about half an hour of crying the girls sobered up and we all sat on some boxes to talk. “Where’s Xavier?

” I ask him urgently, my heartbeat skyrocketing. Horror races through me at the recollection of the Council’s words the day before.

What if the entire pack is dead right now? What will I do with my shameful self? He moved in closer and he took my hand.

Local Single Women