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Local SinglesWhen I got to my bedroom, Local Singles the first thing I did was call Chloe. I thought about dialing Ellen’s number, since I’d already confessed to her about my and Cash’s brief history, but somehow I needed Chloe for this one. After all, she always seemed to have the answers, even when the rest of us were clueless.

Plans change.

We’re on the way to Hawaii! We received an emergency call from one of our business partners… See you next month; we just left you money on your credit cards.

Take care you both! “But don’t you think the Shifters are hiding something?” Jake asks fiercely. “We shouldn’t run away like cowards.

” “Guys…” A familiar voice interrupts our tussle, and we instantly stop. A slinky form materializes outside of the cell, leaning against the back wall. “Booty call?” I shook my head slowly.

“No…I don’t think so. I think I’m okay, must have been from the exertio, Local Singles.” I said, not believing myself as I said it. But the reality is, I’ve soon come to realize, this stupid idiot is seriously the best guardian angel out there. His timing is impeccable too. He couldn’t find us five minutes ago when we weren’t practically swimming in our prison, when we weren’t laughing and crying like idiots.

No, he has to come dashing in on his white horse when I’m bracing myself to meet Sata, Local Singles. Or God. Or both. “What do you know of betrayal?

” She went frigid because who the hell did he think he was? He hadn’t even known she existed until yesterday. She knew everything about betrayal, she was its victim. When I left I saw Liam staring at me. He looked beat red. I didn’t care though.

At least I wasn’t the one who was being a jerk. I hopped into the passenger side and buckled up. Then Mason pulled out of the driveway and proceeded making his way to school.

“Sure,” Randy said. “Whatever you want. Just tell me where to take you when I pick you up. Your call.” “ Ready, set, hike!” I bit into a strawberry covered chocolate.

Jason laughed at me, but I ignored him. I woke to the sound of breathing.

I quickly twisted in my position to see Sadie beside me, her beautiful eyelashes pointed downwards, sleep overtaking her form. She had a dreamy, satisfied look to her face, her cheeks blushing flame red. What could she be fantasizing about?

Local Singles