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Love Asian Girls

Sky sat up and stretched her arms above her head, letting out a light groan as her joints popped. She wore a tight fitting tank top and shorts that reached mid-thigh.

I couldn’t take my eyes away from her beautiful, fragile body. “I do something to you. No, you are not worthy enough to even have me fully”.

He said jumping out of bed, and leaving the room. “We have to go,” Ray abruptly let go of Meryl, fury in his features, “the Council must have already forced our barriers down if a Shifter managed to make it to our doors.

Who knows what will come our way!” “Hey there, Lissa Daniels,” he said. He raised his Coke. “Would you like to say hello to your distant cousin, Jack?” I furrowed my eyebrows, but obeyed, I could tell by the desperate undertone that this man was no one to be trifled with. I stepped into the room and noticed that Aunt Mabel was awake. I quickly changed my expression so she wouldn’t see the worry there. “Hi Aunt Mabel, how are you feeling this morning?

” I asked her softly as I approached. “Okay,” I slowed, and she soon matched my pace. “So then, why don’t we have dinner tonight?” “What did you do to them?”A small voice asks, and I look down to see a small toddler.

I can’t prevent a smile from crossing my lips. “Yup! Favorite musicians?” I was looking him up and down until he coughed.

“ The kiss,” he said very quietly.

“ Cut it out!” I hissed, and his hands started moving up my hips. “ I’m KEEL you!” I said turning around and pushing him away. When I look up from my hands, Xavier is right there, gazing into my soul with those eyes of his. “You don’t get what?” He asks me gently. His hand brushes against my own, bringing warmth and comfort along with it. Taylor couldn’t help the tears that pooled in her eyes at the fatherly gesture Leo committed.

It made her feel happy, and proud that she was the wife of this kind, caring, not to mention sexy as sin, husband. I nodded. “Alright.

I’ll stay out here while you go and get him.” “Lets get into positio, Love Asian Girls.” I got into positio, Love Asian Girls.

********* “So that night this summer, at the party, I was so happy to be talking to you. Getting to know you the way I’d wanted to. I liked you even more, so when I kissed you… Lissa, I meant it. Then you kissed me back….” Will looked at his father in shock and said “Um…dad s…she died o…on th…the way here”

Love Asian Girls