Love In Asian

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Love In AsianI can;t belive it. Melanie is here. The girl I used to love. She’s here, not a dream. “Can you hurry it up?” I suddenly stopped singing when we pulled into the movie theater.

I turned the radio off and just sat back in my seat. Liam looked at me and said “You’re a good singer Alissa.” I smiled and said “Aww thanks.” Then we got out of the car and meet up with the guys and their girlfriends.

I nodded. I stiffened a little as Dex finally reached me, tension ripping through my body. He looked at me, his red hair messy, his green eyes piercing through me. I pulled back and went over to my team. We all huddled up. “Tooooorriiiii?” Someone’s voice pulled me out of my reverie.

My heart stopped. “Yes. He was found supposedly robbing Daniel’s house.

Can you believe that? I knew he was scum when you met him.” She muttered. “Even I could tell he liked you!” Rico laughed.

“He always stares at you like you’re a goddess or something, and he keeps coming through the ER, but never has the guts to talk to you.” Liam finally untied me and when he was about to speak, I headed for the door. I ran, while he chased me around the house. A few more steps and I would be out of here. When my hand was on the door, Liam grabbed me and turned me around.

He pushed me up against the door then crashed his lips onto mine. Oh my god! His lips were warm and feel so soft. I found myself responding.

I laughed even more. “Ok” said Will “See you at home” Fake lie, fake lie right now! “I will, I understand what you’re thinking ma, Love In Asian.” Eric nodded his head and went back to the kitchen to help out. Dylan, cousin, you are fucking stupid.

I went to look for Dylan, surprise, he was drinking. “I’m, I’m not that p-popular or b-b-beautiful. He’d r-rather just s-screw a-around with some w-whore t-than be with his mate,” she whispered.

Taylor was beyond aggravated.

This jerk didn’t deserve some slutty bimbo, much less his caring, beautiful, and sweet mate. “This is a restaurant, not a kitchen” the old man interrupted, Ok a restaurant; they’re technology the same thing “And a pretty, young lady like yourself should have a job already” I have to admit he has a point, I have blonde, curly hair, bright green eyes, Love In Asian the average height for a 19 year old and I haven’t really needed a job before cause I only just got out of school and I keep looking for a job because of my phobia of spiders but that’s a whole different story I’ll get into later. “No, no, no, it is, I just don’t know what to eat first.

Love In Asian