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LovePeter looked at me, his face grim. “I guess we will just have to wait.” Quickly, he shuffled, with me in tow, to the long line, my spirits immediately abating. I was going to have to wait in this? At the rate it was moving, it would be closing time before we got i, Love. “Those I’ll give back to you.” He said with a half smile on his face and dug into the top drawer in the nightstand and grabbed her keys out. Before he handed them to her he pulled them back and looked her in the face, “You’d better be back before dark.” he said with a fierce look on his face. “How?” There is silence as we both scan the deep black, hoping to see the two lights that I know I will instantly recognize. “Mona… could you tell me what happened to them?” he questions timidly, unintentionally releasing the pain and sorrow from withi, Love. I wince as they are all forced to the front of my memory; my mom, dad, and the haunting red eyes. And not a soccer player in sight to ruin the evening.

“Gee, thanks.” She smiled sarcastically “Did you? Cause you didn’t really need an excuse.

Your hot.” I said “Hey guys, can we go to the mall? Me and Nat need some clothes for the party tonight,” Taylor begged.

On the way up I pasted my brothers room and there was moaning. I didn’t think anything of it until I heard a familiar moa, Love. “After this dance, we will go to bed then”. Before I could answer, a voice I knew all too well cut through the calm air like a knife. “What?” “I guess I’ll just have to prove it to you,” he mutters quietly.

His eyes fly shut, his lips pursed in concentratio, Love.

He seems to be focusing on something, something I can’t possibly detect.

“Oh, right.” Stop blushing, I told myself. I shouldn’t be embarrassed to talk about this. “No, I haven’t yet. Sorry.

” He walked out of the courtyard, leaving me staring in shock. “What’s wrong with you?!” He asked staring at me wide-eyed “I guess we should focus on trying to figure out where we are,” Xavier finally replies, his voice low and gruff.

“Maybe we should just travel until we see people who can tell us.” “Are you ok?” Everybody groaned, “Uggggh!” Quickly I hold myself back before I give into temptation, resistance regaining.

I remind myself once again that I hate him. I am not supposed to get along with this crazy, beautiful ma, Love. I stiffen, rebuilding the walls around my heart as quickly as they had falle, Love.