Man Seeking Woman

Looking Pertaining to Women

Man Seeking Woman

I never knew a girl could be so bipolar. “How about the kiss?” His eyes looked hungry as they bore into mine. “In a way,” Blake said as he looked at her with a worried look on his face, “Are you feeling alright?” I looked over at Nathan and he was smirking.

Our travel to the airport is peace and quiet. Nikki and I didn’t bother talking.

We get our baggage. “Finally you’re here” we turn our eyes to the owner of that voice and we saw Myka waving and smiling at us. I kiss her cheeks, Nikki did the same. “I’ve been waiting here for almost 2 hours” she pouted.

She’s still the childish girl that I’ve tried to be my girl back the, Man Seeking Woman. “Well, I’m sorry there’s some kind of thing happen” I smirk. “Can we check our baggage now?” Nikki said dryly.

“I’ve check mine already” Myka sighs. “That’s all right I think we can manage, why don’t you go inside first? I think the line will be long and we’ll be on board soon” Nikki hisses.

“What do you think Nick?” Myka ask with a smirk on her face. “I, um, have a favor to ask,” I said. I could feel the heat rising into my face and neck, but I fought to keep calm. I’d rehearsed this, after all. This was part of the pla, Man Seeking Woman. A flash of insecurity rose in my chest as I surveyed myself once again in the hall mirror, observing, with a critic’s eye, watching for anything out of place. Everything had to be perfect. I had spent over an hour stressing over my hair, makeup, and clothes, and I was not going to let it go to waste.

I felt like I was about to enter an examination, and Dex was the-amazingly hot-judge.

I couldn’t fail this test. “No it’s alright. Xavier will take me.” Xavier suddenly turns, fire alight in his eyes. He is like a bull, ready to run someone over while he stares at Sidney.

With sudden force, he crosses over to her, and shoves her in the cold water. She squeals, splashing underneath the surface. We have been trekking for endless days, and short nights.

It seems at the beginning like every step is leading towards deliverance, yet when I lose that hope towards the evenings it seems like we are only walking farther away from our goals.

We try to rest, but I am just too anxious. So far we have seeing nothing, and no one, except the Shifters. “Gather them and meet me at the…” I trailed off, sighing.

Man Seeking Woman