Married Girl

Chinese Solo Seeing

Married GirlI poured in 2 cups of water, stirred the egg. “Did you want me to die? She snarled at me.” He said shocked “Oh, I know his parents. There quite nice…Are you seeing him again?” Marissa nudged my arm with hers and started wiggling her eye brows. I couldn’t help but laugh at her. “Once agai, Married Girl.

Don’t care.” I said smiling sweetly “Hello Olivia”.

He said in the most beautiful Irish accent, but with attitude behind it. I tried to just ignore it and turned towards my dad. Alicia, Jasmine and I were all sat in my bedroom getting ready for Declans party tonight.

We were all sat in our dresses, and were doing our hair and make-ups. We had the music on low, but when it stopped to change songs we could already hear Delans music playing from across the street.

Marissa had asked to speak with me earlier when I got in from the mall, so to my dismay we sat down at the table and had a very awkward ‘the talk’ conversatio, Married Girl. “Both of you, bra’s.” Coach smirked evilly And shamefully waiting for tomorrow. I thought.

He tackles me, pushing me to the ground while his arms snake around to protect my back from the impact. I can’t contain a annoying, rather girly yelp as he moves to trap me in the thick grass, his hands on either side of my head and his torso draped over my ow, Married Girl. Ev – you broke her nose, and fcked up her face pretty bad. When I look back up, he is ready.

“Do… you… believe… in… true… love?” “Is that a hint?” Nathan questioned me. I smiled mischievously and then answered: I smiled, cutching onto the surfboard. I shrugged.

‘I deserved it for the way I treated you.’ After about half an hour I decided to make us both a snack.

I wrote him a note asking if he wanted a sandwich, and he did. So we set off back into the kitchen and made some lunch.

I carried our plates and two glasses of lemonade into the garden, where we sat and ate our lunch looking at the flowers. We passed notes to one another and looked at his ladybird some more before he released it. I was really enjoying myself and I could tell that he was having fun too. Sometimes it’s nice to just be a little kid again, even if it isn’t for long.

Married Girl