Marry An Asian Woman

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Marry An Asian WomanThat was when I lost it. “Look, I wanna talk about our…kiss.” “Who do you live with?” “Yes?” I asked “Doing great, Doc!” he grinned. “So what’s the diagnosis? Will I live?” “ No one would be willing friends with you,” He shrugged. I gawked at him, and went to go open my mouth, but then I closed it again…

I opened my mouth again, and only air came out. “Well I’m going with Adam so..” I could hear Jason laugh as we stepped in a hiding place, spying on the poor deer. Ughhh!!! “It’s like he’s royalty, though.” “Wait, how long are we going to stay here?” I asked Jaso, Marry An Asian Woman.

“Does it really look like I care what your name is? Just piss off okay.” “Are you fully clothed?” He asked not looking up “Why do you act this way towards Xavier?” he questions, sitting beside me. My eyes flutter open, and I let my gaze drink in Jake’s head of sparkling white hair, his bright emerald eyes. The chair behind me squeaked as I pushed it back. Serena’s eyes widened as I stood up, my red hair sparkling in the sunset.

I took a minute to look at the scene outside, staring in wonder at the ripples of purple, pink, and splashes of pure gold that stretched across the wide horizo, Marry An Asian Woman.

The clouds were illuminated by the wondrous colors, seagulls flying to their homes to chomp on their delicious meal. The sand was soft and white, little crystals that spread across the beach. The waters, speckled with light, was a calm, baby blue that was rapidly fading into a midnight black.

Once I thought about it, this class, World History, was the only class I had with Akemi, Ayako, Peter, and Dex all together. After that, Peter was in none of my other classes, Akemi was in one, and Ayako was in two. Dex was in all of mine, which, by the way, made me deliriously happy.

She looked shocked when I burst in the door and started choking. I rushed to her but Griffin already had it under control. I glared at him and waited til he stepped away from her to punch his face. He staggered back, not expecting the blow, but he got back up fast. He swung at me and hit me in the stomach.

My wolf was growling and demanding me to let him take control and tear him to shreds. I wouldn’t let that happen, because Alex was right here and she didn’t know about wolves.

Marry An Asian Woman