Marry Chinese Girl

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Marry Chinese GirlI laughed and was about to say did you have to chase, push me on the couch and kiss me to tell me that but he kissed me again and this one made my knees weak luckily we were laying down or I would have fell then he broke it, got up and held out his hand and I took it “Prove it” he said with a wink “I bet you are hideous” I look up—my mistake—to see a pair of eyes, glittering with golden flecks within a green meadow that continues endlessly throughout the horizo, Marry Chinese Girl. They are as dark as the night, yet shine with the brightness of a perfectly cut jewel. They push you away, almost forbidding in their abnormality, yet somehow you get tugged towards them anyways, pulled in by the mysteries of their vast depths. I stepped to the top of the stairs, my whole body shaking a little in anticipatio, Marry Chinese Girl.

Maybe I should change to a plain skirt and a t-shirt, something a little looser. Yes, maybe that simple dress that’s much more modest and won’t attract much attentio, Marry Chinese Girl.

I turned in the direction of my room, opting instead to change into a less “beautiful” choice of clothing. That would be better…

“Xavier, what are you going to do?” Jake asks me in low tones, Marry Chinese Girl the serious one of the bunch.

He calmly takes in my misshapen appearance as a tear starts to fall slowly from my eye. Embarrassed, I brush it away. Linda stared at me with wide eyes. “Oh dear, I’m so sorry. How very hard that must have been for you.” She grabbed my hand and pat it. I pulled away. “And I want to be your first kiss of the year.” I grinned.

I can make out the smirk on his face. It is strange that they are looking at me like this. It is almost as if they are expecting me to explode at any minute, or vanish into thin air. I’m not a ghost! He pulled back “Oh come on you know you like it” “Of course I was… and will you get out of there?” “Chicken and dumplings!

” They yelled However, in a record time of three seconds flat, she whips out a thin sheet of paper, distributing it to Xavier as we look at her in complete and total surprise.

The lady glances at our faces, unblinkingly. “You need some passes, correct?

” she inquires quickly, shuffling through the papers like lightning. After another blindingly fast search, she pulls out five or six passes and hands it to him. I go to sit by the fountain, balancing edgily on the side, at peace with the world around me. When I finish my peach, I hold it up with my good arm and throw it almost a hundred yards away into the vast forest.

Let it decompose over there.

Marry Chinese Girl