Marry Korean Girl

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Marry Korean GirlNathan looked at me and smirked. I looked down at my lap blushing. I looked up and saw Dallas staring at me. I frowned at him in confusing.

Chapter 1 “Oh no you don’t” he said “You have work after this” But now, I realized, I was different.

I wasn’t as crazy as I was before. Eve was still affecting me in ways I thought was impossible, even when she, herself, was not with me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ He looked so tired. Like he hasn’t been sleeping well. “I love you too Decla, Marry Korean Girl.

” I told him truthfully and got up from his lap. I walked to the CD player in his bedroom and skipped through the songs on his All Time Low CD until I found which one I was looking for. I pressed play and listened to the words. I just stood there awkwardly, blinking at her. Xavier turns, startled, and I just stare.

They nodded and went back to sipping their hang over cure. I glared at Kayden and slowly sat back dow, Marry Korean Girl. “Yeah?” Jason’s voice was coming closer and closer. We talked about James and about his girlfriend.

“They all want to know about you, Eve,” Sadie continued, “One of the girls that made the top te, Marry Korean Girl.” “ you’re not like the other girls here,” he said. I awoke lying on sand. I could hear the faint sound of waves hitting the shore. I stared at the sky above me, trying to remember how I got here. I slowly sat up, realizing that I didn’t recognize this place.

Behind me was forest, and in front of me was endless sea. This made me laugh. “We can take ‘em. I trust Damian has taught you everything he knows about Vampire combat?” I asked no one imparticular.

“Shouldn’t you be at the training center?” “ You? Your what? We aint boyfriend or girlfriend or anything like that,” I said shaking my head. to understand but it does hurt when you treat each other like that. It might not hurt you,” Blair said looking pointedly at Micheal, Brad and Gabriel, “But you’re not the one on the floor, or in the river.

” She said as she flexed her shoulders and her wings retreated all the way into the slits on her back before she stormed out of the room. “Mike! Please Don’t!” I was sobbing, begging, pleading. He laughed.

Dad sighed. “Logan’s a grown-up, remember?

He doesn’t have to tell us whom he is going out with.”

Marry Korean Girl