Marrying An Asian Girl

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Marrying An Asian GirlMrs. Cohen chuckled, “Hurry now and I got to make a phone call with the principal.” Without a second thought I raise my arm and throw the spear with all of my strength.

Exhilaration fills my chest as it hits a Shifter square in the face, wedged deep into the wood, and it sinks to the sand in temporary anguish. But that doesn’t last for long, and it soon pushes itself up by the roots and edges closer to our group.

“What’s going on?” I yell, astounded at its resilience, “I just hit it!” §Aaron§ (New POV!) “Because you are torturing me with this whole no-sex thing.” Chloe sighed. “Lissa, I’m sexually frustrated.

” He tightens his arms until I can barely breathe. “I understand,” he whispers softly into my hair, “You wouldn’t be you if you avoided this forever.

You have a strong sense of justice and I love that about you.” I sat across from Jennifer. Chapter Three: “Bianca’s earrings.

” Dallas stated, completely serious “Are you the father?” Huh? Oh. “So, what’d you do?” I poured myself a cup of steaming coffee and blew on it. Back to present… “Leslie” said Damien “What took forever” “What do you want me to do with them?” Time slows down whenever you’re around 1 “This is horrible.


” I said to him I trotted up the hill, wincing as pain shot through my healing paw, causing a small limp. ‘That was necessary, I had to assert dominance, he called me an incompetent Alpha.

’ “Take her!” “Are you sure you want to do this?” He asked looking into my eyes. “Don’t worry Ash, daddy will sort them out.” “Are you sure?” I nodded yes and a huge smile lit up both our faces.

What I needed now was some strong coffee that would keep me alive for the next hour. “An espresso macchiato please,” I ordered quickly, pulling out my wallet.

It was different from my usual latte, but I thought that I needed it. “Let’s dig in!” I said and started eating. I got into the bathroom and made sure to lock the door. Last time I forgot to lock the door Damon, and his friends; Liam, Zayn, and Justin came in and took my bra and taped it to the front bulletin board for everyone to see at school. It was so embarrassing.

I shook my head even though he couldn’t see it. “Woah, woah, woah. Who said that we were dating? We’re not dating. I don’t even know why I would be ‘his’ but, I’m not. That motherfucker better be ready for what’s coming to him,” I muttered that last part to myself but he heard, and he started to freak out. I groaned agai, Marrying An Asian Girl.

Marrying An Asian Girl