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Match Dating SiteWe sat down and ate our breakfast, after breakfast Margaret to my cuff of real quick and took the shirts off. Then she cuffed us back up. Neil and I went to our room and I got in the shower first, washing my hair and body. Then I wrapped a towel around me and got out, while Neil got in the shower. I tried to blow dry my hair, while he was in the water. It was quite difficult, but I got it done. I was getting tired of doing this already, and I can just imagine how long we will be connected like this. Neil got out of the shower and we went over to the sink, with our towels still around us and brushed our teeth.

He combed his hair and spiked it a little bit in the front, while I curled the ends of my hair and then put it in a side pony tail at my neck. I quickly put on my make-up, since Neil was getting bored and annoyed having to stand their waiting for me to get done. Once, we were done in the bathroom, we went to our room and got our undergarments out from our dressers and placed them on under our towels. Then I grabbed a lavender one sleeved dress and placed it over my head, while Neil put on a silver tux and a lavender suit shirt.

I put on my white high heels and then grabbed my purse, while Neil put on his dress shoes and his white tie. After we were finished, we went downstairs and found everyone waiting in the living room. Margaret came over to us and un-cuffed me, so we could get our tops on the right way. “Because I love her.” He said in a duh voice I could have called him and explained to him but I couldn’t. I felt like an awful friend.

“What? Everyone know I make the best pancakes!” I said rubbing my full belly and leaning back in my chair to bask in my pancake glory.

“Not to work out, just to inspect the damage and see what’s going o, Match Dating Site.” I nod Quick a lie…wait, bitch mode Sea. You’re better at lying if you’re on bitch mode. “I have to do something tomorrow-” I held onto Andy’s hand tightly and could not take my eyes off of her. Tears were caught in my eyes as the words “I do” came out of her mouth followed by the kiss I had been longing to give her. The kiss I was now giving my wife. What shocked me more is when Andy produced a plain platnum band with the words “Only Yours” engraved inside. She blushed constantly as she slipped it onto my finger and leaned up to kiss my lips gently.

She was finally mine. “Riley! What happened?” Mom shouted, running over.

Match Dating Site