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He laughs, a genuine grin dancing across his features. “Sorry, I forgot to tell you about that.” “Okay, okay. When do you want me to meet you?” I felt relief wash through me. “I’m hoping that when we reach Pack 24 they will help hide us, but if they don’t, Match then we will continue to travel north until we reach one of the sanctuaries,” Xavier says firmly, keeping his eyes straight ahead. Even from the back I can sense his fierce determination, his desire to escape the invisible villai, Match.

I threw the blankets off myself, and pulled my alarm clock out of the wall, and chucked it across the room, and fell back into my bed. “I don’t know. You seem nervous.” I said. For a second, I thought I saw Cash turn red. ”wait what do you mea, Match. and did you just say alex.?” Later I know someone grab the right earphone from my ear. Ugh! Who the heck is— NICK! He’s here beside me now! “Nikki” he greets.

“Nick” I greet back. “You didn’t greet us, why?” he pouts. My mouth drops open it’s been 3 years and now he’s here. God! I miss him so much. “Nikki, are you alright?” he asks. Instead of answering his questions, I give him a bear hug. “Nick! I miss you, you are really here” “Yes, okay I’m here” then after an awkward moment of silence I release him then I quickly stand up. That move is not good Nikki!

He swore under his breath and grabbed my arm, leading me behind him as we crept toward the living room. He looked in, and slowly crept in, keeping a hold of my arm. The vase that Linda had set out a few days ago that held fresh flowers was smashed on the ground. A note was tied to my old wedding ring where the vase used to be. I put my hand to my mouth and stopped in my tracks, unable to move anymore. I was on my way to AP US History the next Tuesday afternoon when Susan Port, girlfriend of Luther, a linebacker, caught my arm. Before I could jerk away, she dragged me into the closest girls’ bathroom.

I move my hand towards the jacket, but then she finally speaks, stopping me with her voice.

“Where is Xavier?” she softly demands, “I need to see him.” All the while she keeps her head down, as if she is afraid of my gaze. Water drips off her bare skin, soaking the carpet beneath her feet. “Fine, promise.”