Meet An Asian Woman

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Meet An Asian Woman

I wore a dress “Good we are almost there.” he said. “Okay. I’d better get going.” I must be overreacting. He probably had some sort of event or meeting he had to attend and would be back by the next day. I tended to forget that Dex was a rock star sometimes, and the whole country wanted him just as much as I did. He was their idol. Every move he made was plastered on the front of their magazines, his face stretching from cover to cover.

They all desired for a taste of Dex’s life, all the while wishing they too had something more. Almost every single person in America knew Dex’s name, and most want to be him, or date him. They considered Dex to be a fantasy, a light that kept them hoping for the best. I shook my head, knowing he was right. I always forgave him, and I was sure I always would. I knew as soon as he walked into the kitche, Meet An Asian Woman.

As soon as Dad smiled at him. As soon as Logan clapped him on the shoulder.

I would always forgive Randy because he was part of my family.

He had been since the moment I first brought him home. “There yet?” I asked. “I’m gonna get you a new one.” I said “Hello.” My brothers’ voice came in on the other line. “ Uh,” that’s all that came out of my mouth.

Uh. Is that the best my brain can come up with? Really! Art sat up, and he buried his face in his hands. I sat up looking at him. “ Everyone makes mistakes, it’s what we do, and we all learn from our mistakes,” I said my hand on his shoulder.

He didn’t say anything, so I didn’t say anything more either. We sat there for a few minutes, and I cleared my throat.

“ I’m going to talk to Clay, I know he misses you, all the guys miss you too, I’ll get things back to normal, don’t you worry,” I said trying to smile. He looked at me giving me a weak and fake smile.

I could tell it took everything out of him to put a smile on that damn ass sad face. Don’t get me wrong—the other girls seemed okay, but I hadn’t entirely trusted any of them. Not with my secrets and not with my boyfriend. “Liar.” I pouted Why, why, why, why, WHY? “But Cleo-“ He sputtered.

Meet An Asian Woman