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Meet Chinese SinglesSorry to inform you but you have failed to pay me money in three weeks so you are evicted from your apartment “ And your point is…” “And if you help them, I’ll call you a dick. So no matter what you do, you’re going to be some form of genitalia.” I grinned up at him. Finally, I was feeling relaxed enough to joke around. It had taken all night.

“Shane and the boys may rag on you a bit, but will that be any worse than what I could do to you?” “Who were they…?” “They have to” We were watching Fast and Furious: Fast Five. It was rubbish!

But then again I hadn’t seen the other four, and on the plus point Vin Diesel was in it. They promised I could pick the next movie, and trust me; they were going to regret it. I would pick the girly-ist film possible – even if I didn’t like it. “There’s nothing wrong with sitting close to me, you know,” he put his glass down and stretched his arms out over his head. His eyes watched me, judging my reaction, knowing full well how tempting he was. “Come sit next to me. I don’t bite.” “Hey,” I replied, echoing his words.

His house was in the opposite direction, we both knew. He wanted to talk to me, his intentions clear.

I sighed and lay dow, Meet Chinese Singles. ‘Bye Cece. Be careful.’ She said and then that was it. I went to the gate. I could see her in the distance waving at me. I waved my back and smiled.

Who would ever know? I miss my mum. “I’m sorry I got angry at you before” said Alex Knock Knock….

Knock Knock. “JASON!!!” I screamed, “PLEASE!!

DON’T!!!” “Hey, shut the hell up” yelled Simon in the cooler and I’m wondering WHY he is in there because we weren’t even asked to do anything then I heard a mumbled “Can you please be nice to her, for once”

Meet Chinese Singles