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Meet Korean Girls

My hands flew to cover my mouth as he stared blankly at me, still breathing heavily from our intense lovemaking. My words hung in the air like weights, creating a tension so thick you could cut it with a knife: “I love you.” Eve walked over to me and laughed. I realized, suddenly, that my jaw was hitting the floor.

I reconnected my jaw to my face quickly, determined not to be embarrassed any further, Eve’s mother chuckling quietly. I felt inferior to this spectacular beauty, a first for me. “We close the restaurant cause we all kind of needed time” “Okay, Tarza, Meet Korean Girls.

Don’t be so on guard.” I laugh in spite of myself at the comparison, and Xavier’s face turns a light shade of red, which is a pretty rare expression for him. I find myself enjoying it. And he was killing me. ‘Please.

‘ I said, tears flowing down my cheek. I looked at him. Chapter 1 Jaxon’s POV. “Look, I got a debit card, and that is what counts.

It has all of our money on it. We can buy what we need.” Xavier watches me as I eat, a grimace decorating his face. “Why are you eating that?” he asks, pure disgust in his features. I shrug, though the truth is that this is almost all I get to eat every day. If I tell Xavier that, though, he will have a fit. I rolled my eyes, “Really?

” “It’s just the mating.” Gabriel said with a shrug, “I can’t believe I mated to a slayer. My mom kept saying it would be a vampyre, and trust me I wasn’t ready for that type of adventure.

” Gabriel said with a shake of his head. “Just get back in your car and go to Amber.

” I told him crossing my arms and standing next to Cole, who had put a hand on my shoulder. It wasn’t until he did this that I realised I was crying. ”i see. so if i diden’t have a little fun today it will be a completely different story then” Meredith held her hand out towards him and a bolt of lightning shot out of her hand knocking him to the ground a smoldering circle on his chest where his heart should have bee, Meet Korean Girls. Blair mimicked Meredith and fire engulfed him. He screeched as the fire covered his whole body before he burst into dust. The scent of burning flesh lingered in the air making Blair wrinkle her nose in disgust.

That was a scent she would never be able to forget.

Meet Korean Girls