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Hesitantly, Taylor took the keys, and walked outside. In the driveway, stood a shiny, white Audi with purple streaks lining the sides. Its rims were shiny silver. Taylor looked at her keys, Meet Local Asian then back at the car before unlocking it. The inside was breathtaking.

The seats were black with purple trim all around the inside.

The smell of cherry blossom hung in the air, which Taylor figured out, came from the small scent tree hung on the rearview mirror.

But that wasn’t the only thing that hung on the mirror. A small net with a soccer ball inside it hung on the mirror as well. ‘Gorgeous,’ Taylor sighed, ‘completely, and utterly, gorgeous,’ “Who the fuck are you?” I asked.

They said nothing and kept coming closer to me. I found myself backing away till my back was against the wall, and I had no where to go. That person was now in front of me. I tried to push them away, but they didn’t budge. Instead they grabbed my arms and pinned them about my head. I opened my mouth to scream and protest but yet against there lips were on mine. “Yeah because you’d tackle me and then laugh.

” I said I bet she will never forgive you “ Who do you like then?” Corey asked. I didn’t have that kind of fight in me. Xavier peers at me, at my face hidden behind my thick bangs. “Did you have glasses in the forest where I rescued you?” he asked.

‘Sweetheart, hes changed. Hes like the other dads. He is a headmaster in a boarding school. Who ever thought of that? A druggie could be such a success.

‘ That boy’s eyes are still on me, eyeing my body like seeing if my body was a type of body that he likes.

I didn’t dare to look at him and I didn’t like him already. Adam took the magazine from me and laid his hand right over the model’s chest.

“I do,” he said, grinning. “I heard that EWEY” Simon teased with a gorgeous cheeky grin The cleaner was pointing at us, assumedly showing Mr. McKain that we were ‘acting inappropriately’. I looked back to Cole and laughed.

He smiled back at me, stood up and waited for me to join him. There was no tension between Cole and I, no awkwardness, it was just the same as it was before we kissed. I looked in his direction again as we walked towards the headmaster. Cole turned and winked at me; making me blush and making me want to kiss him agai, Meet Local Asian.

Meet Local Asian