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Meet Vietnam GirlThe stars wink at me as I survey the area once more. A small path to the side, strewn with pine needles and leaves, catches my attentio, Meet Vietnam Girl. Slowly I begin to walk it, not knowing quite where I am going.

*** “ That’s going to be a great workout!

Right boys?” Coach said. I was looking down laughing, and I put my hand over my mouth, and turned around and the majority of the guys in my gym class are on the football team, and they were all shooting daggers at me. I gave them an evil smirk, and looked at the couch.

He blew his whistle signaling the end of class, and I started to walk towards the building.

I turned around and saw all the football players walking towards me. My eyes shot open, and I bolted forward towards the doors.

I got to them and started pounding on them. We walked back into his living room to see his dad and who I assume was his brother. They were both sat on the sofa side by side pointing a children’s book with pictures of animals i, Meet Vietnam Girl. His dad looked a lot like Declan, although he had a darker tan and a lot less hair. He was wearing a smart suit, but without the tie and jacket, which were strung over a chair. He looked up to us and smiled.

“Could I have some time to think about it?” He nodded so I turned back to Lexi. Chris’ POV “Not in a bad way,” Ellen said quickly. “But we’re worried. This strike was a great idea, but it’s going too far. They asked me to talk to you about it. They thought you’d listen to me.” Now having gained clarity of the situation, I start running with all my might.

The space beside my arm glitters as a large, silver spear forms within my fingertips.

I secretly took a deep breathe, and faced Xerxes behind me. Now or never, don’t get Xerxes be annoyed with the chicks. I roughly pulled his jacket collar, making him lean to my height.

Jeez, are college boys supposed to be this tall?! Then, I kissed him but softly, not wanting to make it too much. Heck, this is too much already.

Boy, he tasted so good…don’t tell him that. A minute or two, I stopped kissing him and turned to the girls. All the girls had a their mouths to the fall. HA! “Want more proof?

” I said with vai, Meet Vietnam Girl. They just swore at me and finally left Xerxes and I alone.

“Sorry about that…” “Because I’m sorry.” “Hello! My name is Jenni, and I will be your makeup artist.

Who are you?” “Huh?” he said, rasing his eyebrow. “I forbid you to ever see him again Cleo.” “Where are we going”? I asked curiously, looking out the window.

Meet Vietnam Girl