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Men Love Asian WomenI turned to Jason and I looked at him. “Now, Men Love Asian Women they will have thirty minutes to prepare.” Dex said, still not looking at us, eyes only for the crowd. I walked, no, practically ran off the stage, an emotional mess. How could he do this to me every time I heard him sing? I was furious at the way he just ripped my defenses in half like it was a piece of paper, always being able to wedge through the tiniest crack in my stone wall. Sometimes, his voice would not slither in, but barge through, leaving my stonewall as rubble on the cold, hard floor.

Why does it have to hurt so much? I drank just a little, took a few puffs, let the forbidden words so commonly spoken escape my lips. Why not? It wasn’t like my parents could stop me. My father was dead, and my mom very well knew that I could cut her off my money when I turned eightee, Men Love Asian Women.


He turned us over again so now he was in charge. He kissed my neck and sucked on it. I swear by tomorrow I would have a hickey. He wouldn’t get away with it! He then looked at me and I nodded.

He slowly entered my fold with his shaft. I moaned in pleasure making him go faster every time I did. At first he entered me slowly and kept thrusting into me then it became faster and faster. I became really wet. It hurt a bit at first, but then I stared to feel pleasured.

We reached are climax. He pushed his dick into me one more time and I moved a bit to give him a better angle.

He held my hips down and cummed inside of me. Thank the havens we used protectio, Men Love Asian Women.

“Yeah.” She whispered huskily. I shivered involuntarily.

She leaned down and kissed my neck softly.

I put my hands on her hips tightly. She slowly licked my neck and nibbled on it. “I like whispering, too!” I whispered yelled, “See?” Chris’ lips moved in time with mine. The fire burning in the pit of my stomach grew and overtook my heart. After a second of pondering, I grab my emerald ring from the bedside table.

It isn’t needed to keep me safe because I have really bright green eyes now, but the fact that… he gave it to me makes it truly worth a spot in my bag. I would wear it, but it seems to symbolize the good times we have together, and those are the times I don’t want to remember right now. “Thanks, Dad.” And I ran upstairs after Chloe.

Men Love Asian Women