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Men Seeking MenYou can say im one of those players type. Well you see the reason for that is my mom left my dad and me 3 years ago to run off with her younger boyfriend. leaving us behind, and the funny thing is she didn’t say anything all she did is leaving a note for me and divorces papers for dad, leaving him with me in custody. so ever since then i have played with girls never taking them series. The only reason for that if for i wont get hurt like my dad, he was a wreck for a whole year. And he is still not dating.

But there is something different about lexie, i just hope she see’s that im not just a player.

That all i need is time to emotionally prepare myself.

After having myself in deep thought i didn’t notice that we already reach the beach. The reason why i want to come here is because i have my own secret spot. And lexie is the first one for me to show. I plop one after the other into my mouth, savoring the sweetness for only seconds between bites.

For some reason, I cannot stop eating them. My hands keep moving towards my face while filled with berries.

They are strange, unfamiliar hands that are withered and wor, Men Seeking Men. “What’re you doing in here?” He asked suspicious Valerie. “What are you saying?!

” I cry, standing up as well. I walk closer to him and grab his arms. “You are tangible as well. You. Are. Real.” She was right about one thing, his potent, yummy scent was making it hard to stay angry at him. My hand unconsciously slipped into his under the desk and he glanced at me. I kept my eyes away from Damian, I was still going to talk about this to him, but part of my body was in control, I couldn’t remove my hand from his warm and soft one. “What?” I asked looking back at him “Not today,” I whisper, looking into the chasm and knowing that more Shifters already had flown into them, hoping for a chance to grab the crow, Men Seeking Men. I can’t let go of it, because Shifters can grab physical items in this world.

Which can mean only one thing. “You’re a doc?” he grinned. “Ooh la la! Not only beautiful, but smart, too!” I crossed my arms, “Fine, let’s have a mini contest.

” I quickly shook my head and blushed.

Men Seeking Men