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Men Seeking

Than I heard a bing “It says Berson College.” Jason said, “Now come o, Men Seeking.” “Like, you’re all distant,” he said. “Finn’s girlfriend won’t even kiss him, and ever since last weekend, you’ve been acting weird. Shane says even Chloe’s not putting out, and she’s a slut, so we know something’s wrong.” “Are you going to move to Hollywood or Los Angeles?

” a thin reporter with a curly mustache prodded. “Are you awake?” a beautiful, musical voice rips through the void I am suspended in, bringing me to the present with a thud. Everything suddenly shifts into focus, Men Seeking the blurred edges sharpening into easily distinguished images.

James chuckled, shaking his head. “Hello?” It is at this point that I begin to seriously panic.

Sea shook her head and ignored that questio, Men Seeking. “What do you guys want to eat?” Her purple eyes landed on Aiko and that chick on his lap. “…and who are they?” What the hell you do I won’t remember I soon gave in to the other kids’ coldness, turning into a hard shell that was sharp, bitter, and tough. I didn’t need anybody.

I didn’t want anybody.

I stand up, scanning the faces that are looking at me, crawling over my face and body. Immediately my gaze connects with Xavier, noting the look of bewilderment on his features. I begin to break down under his urgent stare.

I’m tired of trying to keep things from him, because he deserves to have the truth, even if it hurts. “It’s the prophecy, Xavier. This is all the prophecy.

I’m about to fulfill it.” “ Mhm,” I said walking around him, and opening the car door, and he leaned in smiling. “Alex?” I asked I smiled, it wasn’t likely. I was trained to sleep lightly and I had a weapon easily reachable hidden in my pillow case. John wasn’t going to kill me that easy. “I’ll be fine. Trust me, I’ve dealt with worse.

” I hadn’t realized what I’d said until it was out of my mouth.

I’d practically just told her that I was in the war.

Men Seeking