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MenAnd the two guys behind him was sky and noah i persume. There were also hot but i had my eyes on lucas. I couldn’t stop but think having him my arms, giving him love marks all over his body for everyone can know his mine. I blush at the thought. “Don’t worry.

You’ll do fine.” I told him “ because we all know that Ty likes Art,” Joe laughed. I shot my head at Joe, and I felt my face go three shades of red, and I looked at Art and he was grinning like an idiot.

~*~ “I apologize.” He bows his head, and then tentatively rises to his feet. He disappears within seconds, narrowly managing to avoid my anger.

He completely ignored me. “I hate you.” I glared I didn’t want to see my dad ever again when he left me, but the truth is, Matt won’t be able to even if he wanted to. ‘We’re here.’ My dad said. Yes my dad, I am actually with my dad right now. I looked out the window to see a big school that weirdly looked like a church. It was an old victorian building that looked kind of haunted. Yikes.

“Love you too.” I said happily pulled myself up as high as I could before Mike’s figure was in veiw. “ yeah, yeah. He is… the sub right?

” I don’t know why I find his sleepy expression so cute, and I don’t plan on finding out at the moment. “ Why did you leave ma?” I whispered. But then he did. “Where is your dad?” he inquired softly, as if his words, if spoken quiet enough, would not affect me as much. I almost ask him why he is being so evasive, but the sight before my eyes prevents me from doing so. Speechless, I survey the narrow hallway, with the stone walls inlaid with gold and the floors covered in a luxurious, blood red carpet.

At the end of the hallway, a magnificent set of doors is present, engraved with a number of strange designs. “Well, your brother and your cousin are fighting over the same girl.” Dylan and James are fighting over the same girl? Dylan? B-but he’s engaged to me…well not a true engagement.

Yeah, we ARE getting married, not a true one. But, I still matter to Dylan, right? Wait. Why am I so concerned about it? Dylan’s a player – man whore, that doesn’t care about any single girl. So why would he care about me unless- “Meryl!” Xavier frantically tries to turn her attention away, “you only saw me shift once! You know nothing else about me!” “I don’t think it is that inconvenient”.

Neil said.