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Most Attractive Chinese WomanHis hands moved to my hips, holding me against him, our bodies grinding together for a long moment before one of his hands inched up slightly, hesitating at the hem of my shirt. There is a brief pause, and then he quietly speaks, “I hope you all had a better reason than this for arranging this meeting.” All the other men ashamedly look to the ground.

The veiled man surveys them quietly, Most Attractive Chinese Woman the smirk finally disappearing from his features. “I hate it when idiots waste my time,” he hisses, causing many of them to jump. “Mmmmmm.” I tightened my eyes as tight as I could and waited for the inevitable to happe, Most Attractive Chinese Woman.

“No,” Xavier chuckles, “she’s not. But he loves her.” I started eating my popcor, Most Attractive Chinese Woman. Then a hand grabbed some of my popcor, Most Attractive Chinese Woman.

I looked over at Kayde, Most Attractive Chinese Woman. He grinned and shook his head. Leaning down, he pressed his lips to my ear. “I’ve got you right where I want you.” He whispered, making a shiver roll down my spine. “Hey.” Subconsciously at the sight of that smile I back away, further into the puddle.

He looks so familiar, as if I have known him for a long while. Maybe even forever.

I squirm with discomfiture as I notice the amusement that is prevalent at the corners of his too-wide smile. He is laughing at me. This much I can tell. Kayden instantly straightened up with a frightful look on his face. “I asked them to give you some time to cool off. They’re all out in two huge groups, one at the pizza parlor, and the other at the ice cream shop. “But I always knew, Mona. Don’t forget, I knew you were the chosen one for a very long time. And I can put two and two together.

Now, I don’t know what the Shifters have done and exactly what they are, but I do think that you are righteous and will give them whatever identity and salvation they deserve.” He smiles at me for what seems to be the last time, dampened by the inevitability of our futures. “But you need to do it, quickly.

I think that some Shifters are coming back, because I’m starting to hear noises.

Most Attractive Chinese Woman