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Most Beautiful Chinese Girl

I awoke slowly, and my mind was muddled as I felt a terrible headache brewing. The first thing I registered was the sound of an echoing drip as if I were in a cave. The wet, musty smell and the feel of wet rock floor below me only seemed to strengthen that notio, Most Beautiful Chinese Girl.

“My boyfriend.

” I pulled my knee up and hit his groin so hard I wouldn’t be surprised if he bled. “That’s for what you did to me in the alley!

” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Getting ready,” he replies, “I’m surprised you got packed so quickly. What did you bring?

” “Ah – yeah, Bye Nanna!” The wind picked up and it was getting colder. “Here you go” “Come here.” he said, once we were outside of the shop, “Here.” I laughed at them two, and the four of us chatted away easily.

We made plans to meet up for lunch and I was happy to see that all but one of my classes had the guys i, Most Beautiful Chinese Girl. Finally, I thought.

Someone to talk to other than my parents. After a bit of talking, well none “Guys,” I said, a little panicked. “Fighting among ourselves won’t solve anything.

We’re here to create peace, remember?

” “Are you going to introduce me”? Chris asked. “Oh, you got stitches on your head, do you remember?” Mrs. Cohen said. I pushed my eyebrows together.


” I said shouted over James’s shoulder.

“No, not like that” he says, Most Beautiful Chinese Girl then gets behind me and puts his hand on top of mine and guides it I try so hard to ignore the good feeling of his hand on mine I laughed “Wait would you? Need to get dressed” “Japanese sakes,” Zoey put her headphones away and came to join the group, she held out her hand to Sam “Hi, sorry about my obliviousness, names Zoey” she said ”alright like everyone is here lets hit the pool!”sky screemed. “I wasn’t even born yet, neither was my mom or any of my aunts and uncles and all my cousins.

” Blair said with a frow, Most Beautiful Chinese Girl. “No, not yet sorry but I got a new job so I’ll be ab…..” “Oh, I knew you were going to agree to it!” Maria said, getting i, Most Beautiful Chinese Girl. “ Besides my brother, and his other five friends…?” I thought.

“ Well no I don’t really have any friends,” I shrugged. I rolled my eyes, “Are you going to give me the IPad?” “Darling, this here is Neil his family is from Ireland and I am great friends with his father. My father and mother used to live in Ireland before they became Alphas of the United States, so know we live here in Maine.

I was putty in your hands “Thank you, thank you”

Most Beautiful Chinese Girl