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Most Beautiful Oriental Woman In The WorldDallas grabbed a fist full of Kayden’s hair and pulled him back. Xavier shifts in his sleep, scaring me as I hear the disruption in his breathing. I beg him inwardly to not wake up. Preferably, never. I don’t want to have to face him ever agai, Most Beautiful Oriental Woman In The World. I walk over to her and she sees me “Hey Sara, when did you get here?” +_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+ It must have been the way you kissed me Yup, I have to go but I’ll catch you later oxox Leah started laughing.

“Daddy!” “No reason… Okay, what are you waiting for? Chop, chop. Cash is waiting for you.” “What?!” I asked in confusion, what does he want with Sea? “She’s on a date with Dylan!

” Nancy giggled and bobbed her head furiously. “I promise, Kip! Come on, Claire! Let’s go!” Chris’ POV “Um Mike why don’t you go home, we.. We, we can reschedual.

” “Of course it would! It’s me we’re talking about here?” Both of them busted out laughing.

Suddenly, Taylor felt pains in her stomach.

Her arms and legs felt sore. Zane noticed her pai, Most Beautiful Oriental Woman In The World. But every time I glanced at it, Most Beautiful Oriental Woman In The World the same horrible scene reappeared in my mind. “I am not spending my holiday on an island with you.” I said. The moment I said it I was sorry I did. His facial expression changed immediately, he now looked a mixture between annoyed and angry. I did not like it. What was I supposed to do now, say sorry?

Actually, I was supposed to say sorry but I couldn’t bring up the courage.

I declared myself a coward.

She takes a step towards him, distraught in her features.

“Why did you leave me, and the entire club for that matter, that night?

Was it because of a girl?” She gets right to the point. Introduced To An Incredibly Hot Psycho Man Suddenly I feel a terrible pain in my hand, and I jerk it away. Red smears across the tip, a throb in my index finger growing.

I gasp as I realize she had bitten me, a bit of her blood on the end of her tooth. She is staring at me with real hate, a cackle emitting from her lips. Quickly I wipe my hand on my shirt and with a newfound determination, plop my entire hand on her forehead. I will not lose to this.

Most Beautiful Oriental Woman In The World