Most Handsome Asians

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Most Handsome AsiansAll black today. Im happy with that. I started walking downstairs, and I heard all this ruckus, and I walked into the front room, and stopped dead in my tracks. I stared at our fifty two inch flat screen TV with a freaking crack in the center of it. I slowly turned my head and saw a the six idiots standing their looking at me. I carefully guarded my soul and met his stare evenly, offering a timid smile his way. Out of the corner of my eyes, I spotted Peter staring at me in amazement, as well as the rest of the class.

Why were they baffled? “We think he’s getting sick or his injury is infected,” Xavier whispers to me as we start walking.

“He has been feeling fatigued for quite some time and injuries aren’t healing as quickly in this world.” “Terrible,” Wes groans, “She had already killed thirty people by the time we even reached her.” He chuckles as I scan his face yet again, taking in his perfection, looking at masculine features that, at my school, I used to only be able to observe from afar. I ran into the bathroom and locked myself in a stall. I could hear him screaming for me but I didn’t care. He broke my heart after I decided to give him another chance.

I don’t think i’ll be able to trust him agai, Most Handsome Asians.

Both him and Liam were messed up. A few minutes later when the screaming died down, I walked over to the sink and splashed some water on my face then when I was okay I walked out of the bathroom. Mason was still there. When he saw me he tried talking to me but I ignored him. He grabbed my hand and …… The fear vanishes as I move closer, replaced by pure, savage madness.

I growled, closed my eyes and shoved my tongue in her mouth.

Ewwwww. Her tongue dances with mine. All I was thinking was ‘Ewwwww’.

“I’m not going to Saudi Arabia,” I said. Tori (abashed): Sorry…*elbows Jake* Why didn’t I just eat the granola bars in the very first place???!!


My baby’s all grown up!” I heard Heather shout. She had fake tears in her eyes and was holding onto James.

“Ok, ready, set, go!!!!!!!” he shouted and everyone started their bumper car. I climbed out of bed and headed for the bathroom, turning off my alarm clock along the way. I couldn’t get my mind out of the dream. Even after I was done showering and getting dressed, or when I ran downstairs to catch the bus. “It’s okay, you don’t have to tell me.” She gripped me tighter, and I just couldn’t handle or control my body anymore.

Most Handsome Asians