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As we go along I noticed Nana is staring at me “What is it Nana?” I asked. “Well, I’m just happy that I saw you and Nikki again” she muttered. “You really miss us, right?” I smirked.

“Well of course, half of my life was taking good care of you two” she said. “Thanks for the care Nana” I smiled. “Do you love Nikki?” I suddenly hit the foot break after she asked it. “Sorry about that” she said. “Why did you ask Nana?” I muttered.

“Well, I just want to know” she smiled.

I started the car engine agai, Most Popular Asian Dating Sites. “Well, yeah! I love her as a friend” I muttered.

“Is that all?” she asked curiously.

“Yes” I stated. After Nana could respond, we arrived at her house.

A single storey house that has beautiful garden at the left side with a nice façade and white gate; Nana will really do anything just to have a nice life. “Thanks to your parents, I manage to design my little house” she smiled.

“It’s nothing Nana” I smiled back. “You better keep going now, it’s dark and Nikki is just alone in the safe house” she stated.

“Yeah! See you tomorrow Nana” I bid. “I understand.” I chuckled softly.

“Fine,” she said. I grabbed the colander and passed it to him and asked “Why are we using a colander today?” He pulled away and stared into my eyes for a long moment.

“I won’t let you leave me.” He whispered.

He looked at Coach and she nodded, “Likewise.

I’ve heard a lot about you.” I snuck closer, weaving around the miscellaneous objects that was scattered all over the wooden floor, creeping to the desk where she was working. Still she didn’t notice me. It was as if she was in a dream world, her senses dulled.

They began to talk in low voices.

Like they were friends. Like it was normal for them to speak without screaming at each other. And I knew they were talking about me. It felt like a slap in the face. I realized that the dots, now huge, were helicopters.

LANDING helicopters. “ Chick wants to put a fight up with me, and she has to do that pathetic scratching and hair pulling,” I hissed. Evian started laughing, and I looked up at him. “ What’s so damn funny?

” I asked.

Most Popular Asian Dating Sites