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Muscular Asian WomenStanding up straight I started to run agai, Muscular Asian Women. This lap was slower than the others but at least I was still going.

I thrashed about wildly against the hurricanes in my stomach, and he pinned me in place.

“I didn’t bring anything, Doc.” “Awesome what are we watching?” “Claire?” Kip tried to interrupt, but I had to lay out my defense.

“I’m sorry, Dex. We’re not done talking to Eve.” The lights flash again as I see them—big and small, skinny and large—coming by the thousands into the room. I can’t breathe as they crowd the floor and walls, stuffing the room with their dark energy. “Yes, in here.” he said, grinning. “We don’t,” he shrugs, “when Wes added the werewolf blood, we all couldn’t eat it. That would be like… cannibalism.

” I took a deep breath and closed my eyes before I jumped over the cliff. Sadie was here, scrunched over a piece of paper on her desk. Her blonde hair twinkled in the light, a stray curl falling into her face. She sighed, erasing a sentence then starting over. She didn’t seem to notice me, focused clearly on the paper in front of her. I put them on and grabbed my white bag, slipping my binder and books into it. Then I walked out of my room and down stairs.

There were only a couple guys down there.

There was a long silent in the air, “Why do you guys seem so pretty?? So flawless and happy??

” “ALI?!” I heard a man bellow, and the headlights shut off. “Well…” I pretended to be thinking about the question he asked, when in truth I was wondering about all the questions he was asking. Why did he not want to let the topic go? “Who’s there?

” Xavier opens the door slowly, looking out at me. Immediately his icy cold green eyes scan me, as if I am only a parcel.

He seems tired, his handsomeness rugged. Slight circles are beneath his eyes, and he is wearing a t-shirt and jeans. I detect strong cologne that nearly makes my eyes water, mixed with that attractive scent that is on him naturally.

Muscular Asian Women