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Natural Asian GirlConnecting gazes with Sidney, he casts her a smile. “Pay attention,” he mouths, pointing to the board. I giggle softly as she pulls her electrifying gaze from me to absorb Xavier’s words, Natural Asian Girl then turns with a defeated huff towards the front. Ian, on the other hand, just watches me blankly, staring at me until I start to blush.

I hurriedly look at my notebook, doodling cartoon faces and random scribbles.

“See look at you two, this is already working. You are matching colors”.

Gavin said. I ask this question because he’s a senior and he’s going to college while I’ll be in high school as a senior. “Maybe some of them are just pretending,” I said. “So no one thinks they’re weird.” “We are planning an ambush,” he smiles, speaking boldly, “they will all be there, with limited protectio, Natural Asian Girl.

If we gather enough of our own, we can take them.” “I know. But it’s not the same.” “Awwwh!” Vicky said and hugged me so tightly, I felt dizzy when she left go. My arm shakes while I point to the spider “Hurry up and kill it please” ‘Any day you want. But sooner the better.

‘ “No I’m good thanks, I think I’m going out to Declans soon though.” I told her hoping that she wouldn’t mind me being out all the time. “Mona.” He repeats himself, his arms suddenly on my shoulders.

All the strength is sucked out of my body as he whirls me around. “Look at me.” One of his hands cups my chin and lifts it so I am forced to meet his eyes. “Have you?” She shook her head no, too out of breath to say anything.

His next query caused her head to snap up. “That dress is awesome.

You look so hot right now. You might turn me lesbia, Natural Asian Girl.

” Bianca joked “Here, ladies and gentlemen, is our masterpiece.” He gestures to a ruby red car that doesn’t seem to scream “I’m rich” or “I’m beautiful”.

It is just a plain, attractive four-door vehicle which stuns me with its simplicity.

Jason lay down next to me, turning so that he would face me. I blushed, I hate those moments when you are very tired and when someone stared at you when you are trying to sleep and suddenly you sudden don’t feel sleepy anymore. I was about to respond when the library doors opened behind me. “ Yeah that’s why I don’t have one freaking friend.” chapter nine

Natural Asian Girl